Grant Gustin Should Star in the Flash Movie, Says Arrowverse Co-Star

Many Arrowverse actors throughout the years have expressed their desire for The Flash star Grant Gustin to continue his portrayal of Barry Allen on the big screen, and co-star Jessica Parker Kennedy is the most recent one to add her voice to the chorus. Ever since Ezra Miller's casting was announced merely a week after the CW show premiered, having two Flashes has been a point of discussion among fans and cast members alike. Now that the original release date for the film has come and gone, it seems that conversation is brewing once more.

Kennedy is the newest addition to The Flash cast, where she plays Iris and Barry's daughter from the future, but her comments echo what many of her predecessors have already said before. Tom Cavanagh mentioned his own disappointment over Gustin not being part of the DC film universe a few years back, and even Arrow star Stephen Amell declared that he felt the role should have gone to Gustin soon after the casting was announced.

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During an interview with The Tomorrow Show, Kennedy echoed those thoughts while responding to a question about whether the show's cast would be a good fit for the film. She said, "I mean, I think this is one of the first things I said to Grant when I met him. I was like 'Man, you should be The Flash in a Flash movie' because I just think he's the perfect Flash." Of course, she was also cognizant of the separate universes and quick to point out she didn't think one needed to replace the other. "No disrespect to Ezra Miller, of course. I love him, I've been watching him, I've been a fan of his for a long time," she explained. "But I just [...] can't see anyone else as the Flash. I just feel like it's Grant. I really do. He's perfect for it."

Given the many delays that the WB film has gone through since Miller's casting was first confirmed, it's natural for audiences to wonder when a solo movie will see the light of day and what shape it will take when it does. Recently, there was even talk of recasting if certain script conditions were not met, so the idea of the television cast reprising their roles on the big screen is not out of the realm of possibility.

The biggest obstacle in the way of Grant Gustin being in The Flash movie is the separate universes that DC established long ago for its film and television creations, which is rather unlike Marvel's shared universe across several platforms. It's fun to speculate what the CW storyline would look like with a WB budget, but for now it's best to take Kennedy's words as complimentary of her co-star and his talents rather than as any real indication of change coming to the Worlds of DC.

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Source: The Tomorrow Show

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