24 Things That Were Cut From GTA V (That Could Have Changed Everything)

Rockstar is known for their video game titles and Grand Theft Auto V is arguably one of their most popular games. Last year the game became the most profitable entertainment product ever, and its popularity has only seemed to grow in recent years.

The fifth main entry to the Grand Theft Auto series centers on three main characters living in the wonderful city of Los Santos. Trevor Philips, Michael De Santa, and Franklin Clinton are the three playable characters in the game, each of which has unique story-lines and missions.

The game includes a plethora of weapons and vehicles, most of which are used to bring chaos to Los Santos. There is a lot of customization that players can make use of in the game, which was expanded even more when Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto Online.

While there is an endless amount of activities to do in Grand Theft Auto V, there are some things in the game that Rockstar decided to cut from the project. Some of these items are things that were only available in the beta, while others are things that just didn’t make it into the game at all. Here are 25 Things That Were Cut From GTA V.

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Lamar in Grand Theft Auto V
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24 Lamar As A Playable Character

Lamar in Grand Theft Auto V

Since Grand Theft Auto V has been out since 2013, most people have made it all the way through the main story of the game. At the end of the game, Franklin is given the option to take out Michael, take out Trevor, or turn against Steve Haines and save both Michael and Trevor. Not many fans know, but that third option was almost very different.

Originally, Rockstar was planning on letting players take Franklin’s life and replacing him with Lamar as a playable character. Voice actor Slink Johnson confirmed this in a Q&A On Reddit and explained that Rockstar had to go in a different direction due to personal issues he was dealing with in real life.

23 Cluckin’ Bell And Burger Shot

Burger Shot in Grand Theft Auto V

When digging around in the source code for a game, people can usually find some pretty interesting things. When people dug around in Grand Theft Auto V, they discovered several icons for different side activities like air hockey, pool, and different types of heists.

There were also icons for fast food shops such as the iconic Cluckin’ Bell and Burger Shot. Both of these restaurants appear in the game, but you can’t actually order food from them. Based on the map icons, it looks as though Rockstar had at one point considered making the restaurants accessible, but it didn’t happen. 

22 Additional Songs

Grand Theft Auto V 5

While previous Grand Theft Auto titles blared music from artists you had never heard of, Grand Theft Auto V includes a plethora of hit songs. These songs come from all genres, some new, some old. Some people like to listen to their own unique playlists while gaming, but Rockstar definitely gave fans plenty of in-game options to choose from.

That being said, there were originally even more options to listen to including "Black Betty" by Ram Jan, "Radar Love" by Golden Earring, and "How Do You Want It" by 2Pac feat. K-Ci & JoJo to name a few. Sadly, these songs didn't make it into the game.

21 A Six Star Wanted Level

Explosion in Grand Theft Auto V

Most people who play Grand Theft Auto titles are aware of the wanted level that appears on the screen. The more illegal activities you do in the game will raise your wanted level, with police sending additional reinforcements for each wanted star you get.

While former GTA titles gave gamers a wanted level up to six stars, Grand Theft Auto V only goes up to five. Some fans found a six star wanted level in the game’s code, but it didn’t make it into the final game. A five star wanted level is difficult to survive, but six stars would have made escaping nearly impossible. 

20 Extra Character Animations

Trevor Philips Grand Theft Auto V

One interesting feature in Grand Theft Auto V was the ability to take a selfie. With Trevor, Michael, or Franklin, fans could pull out their phone and take a picture of the character in front of anything. There are a handful of animations and expressions the character can do, but there were almost even more in the final product.

Some of these deleted animations included Trevor flipping the bird, Franklin throwing up the peace sign, and Michael scratching his face. The animations shouldn’t really take up a lot of space within the game, but were deleted anyway.

19 Additional Weapons

All Grand Theft Auto titles have given players a plethora of weapons to choose from in the game. Grand Theft Auto V gave players more choices than ever before, but not all of them made it into the final cut of the game.

Some were different types of firearms like the Assault Sniper and Programmable AR, but others were more unconventional weapons. Other weapons that didn’t make it past the beta version of the game included a fire extinguisher, a shovel, a wrench, an axe, and even a lasso.

18 A Baseball Arena

Franklin in Grand Theft Auto V

There are many activities fans can do in Grand Theft Auto V, but one activity they can’t do is go to a baseball game. What’s weird though is that Los Santos does have a baseball team. A TV ad can be seen for the team Los Santos Corkers, but a baseball arena can’t be found anywhere on the map.

There are many references to the Corkers in the game, like the poster found in Franklin’s old bedroom, but the arena didn’t make it into the game itself.

17 The Bahama Mamas West Night Club

Bahama Mamas West in Grand Theft Auto V

Bahama Mamas was a popping night club first seen in Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony. The building was located in Purgatory, Algonquin in Liberty City, but a sister night club appears in Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V.

The club is completely furnished and has functioning lights, but nothing else happens in the club. There isn’t any music playing or any workers in the club, and it is completely in-operational. With the level of detail that developers put into the club, it’s safe to assume that the club was originally supposed to play a bigger role in the game, but got scrapped. 

16 Dating Profiles For Michael, Trevor, And Amanda

Amanda and Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V

One of the many in-game websites in Grand Theft Auto V is called Hush Smush. The website is a dating site that costs $500 for men to join, but is free for women. The website features a number of women with provocative profile pictures, but three of the main characters in the game almost made it on the site.

Hush Smush currently only features women, but profile pictures of Michael and Trevor have shown up online. A profile picture for Amanda made its way online as well, but there is also a profile on Hush Smush that matches her character’s description. 

15 Cops And Crooks Factions

Cop in Grand Theft Auto V

It is fair to say that most people can agree that Rockstar did a phenomenal job with Grand Theft Auto Online. However, that hasn’t stopped players from going into the code and text files of the game to see what could have been.

Apparently, factions were originally crucial to the gameplay, with players choosing between The Lost MC, Vagos, or the police. It is even believed that gamers playing the cops would have been able to handcuff the crooks. This could have been fun, but most people today likely wouldn’t want a lot of things to change in Grand Theft Auto Online.

14 The Sharmoota Job

Michael and Trevor in Clowns in Grand Theft Auto V

One heist that fans could play in the beta for Grand Theft Auto V was called "The Sharmoota Job." This heist was cut from the finished game, but involved Michael and Trevor robbing Martin Madrazo’s mansion. Trevor and Michael would either dress up as mimes or clowns, depending on which approach you chose, in order to infiltrate the mansion during a party.

The characters would then steal Madrazo’s safe, take his wife, and escape on horseback. There are many fun missions in Grand Theft Auto V, but this had the potential to be one of the most unique missions in the game. 

13 An Encounter With Kyle P. Slater

grand theft auto 5 heroes

Besides the three main characters of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, there are many other characters that play a vital role in the story. There aren’t any other playable characters, besides Franklin’s dog Chop, but you can still encounter many unique NPCs in Grand Theft Auto V.

One of these characters that was cut from the final version of the game was a man named Kyle P. Slater. The character was supposed to appear in a random encounter, but the mission didn’t make it into the game. While he doesn’t actually appear in GTA V, you can still call his number in-game (328-555-0145) and listen to his voicemail.

12 The Squaddie

The Squaddie in Grand Theft Auto V

It is almost impossible to get around Los Santos without the use of some sort of vehicle. Sure you could walk around, but with the amount of vehicles that Rockstar put into Grand Theft Auto V, it’s impractical to walk to your destination. Rockstar put several different types of vehicles into the game, but one that didn’t make the final cut was The Squaddie.

The Squaddie was a military all-terrain vehicle, similar to the Patriot, that wasn’t added to the final game. It’s unknown why it didn’t make it into Grand Theft Auto V, but it likely would have been a useful vehicle.

11 DLC For The Story Mode

Grand Theft Auto Online Arena War

For many games, a company will release different DLCs (Downloadable Content). DLCs not only keep people playing the game, but they can get a little extra cash when people buy the extra content. Even though Rockstar at one point said that a DLC for the offline story-mode was coming soon, it never ended up happening.

Instead, Rockstar is focusing on Grand Theft Auto Online. Rockstar has continually come out with new DLCs for GTA Online, but many people are likely still wanting additional content involving Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. 

10 The Bucket Truck

Bucket Truck in Grand Theft Auto V

One vehicle that was in both the beta and the actual game is a utility truck, commonly referred to as the bucket truck. The vehicle has a long arm with a bucket attached to the truck that could extend in the beta. While the truck still made its way into Grand Theft Auto V, there isn’t a way to extend the arm of the bucket.

Even though it would have been fun to ride at the top of the extended arm, Rockstar more than made up for this with the varying vehicles that are found in the game. 

9 The North Yankton Servers

Travis in Grand Theft Auto V Prologue

Right the beginning of Grand Theft Auto V, gamers are thrown into the action as Michael, Trevor, and Brad Snider rob an armored car depot. The prologue mission takes place nine years before the main storyline and is set in Ludendorff, North Yankton.

That being said, part of the prologue mission didn’t make it into the final cut of the game. During the prologue, there was a part of the mission that involved torching the server room in the depot. Unfortunately, said portion of the mission was cut out. 

8 The Vespucci Beach Statue

Declaration Statue in Grand Theft Auto V

Most people are aware that the setting of Grand Theft Auto V is modeled after Los Angeles, California. Much like L.A., Los Santos has many beaches that gamers can visit. One of these beaches is Vespucci Beach, which is modeled after Venice Beach. A real-life sculpture called “Declaration” can be found on the beach, which was originally incorporated into Grand Theft Auto V when the game first released.

Shortly after the game was released, one of the updates got rid of the sculpture and replaced it with a rusty brown statue that looks nothing like artist Mark di Suvero’s original piece. 

7 Michael’s Hidden Door

Michael Watching TV in Grand Theft Auto V

One of the most common places gamers visit in Grand Theft Auto V is Michael De Santa’s house. His property allows players to watch TV, play tennis, and even take a dip in the pool, but there is also a secret entrance to his house. Some players have discovered a secret door in the side of Michael’s house, although you can’t go inside.

When players shoot the side of the house, the outline of a door will be formed through the bullet holes. There’s really no point of doing this since you can’t go inside, but it’s interesting to know that Michael’s house was almost structured differently. 

6 Cherry Trees And Palm Trees

Since the city of Los Santos is based on Los Angeles, Rockstar designed the game to look like California. Everybody knows that Los Angeles has a lot of palm trees and cherry trees, which made it into Grand Theft Auto V.

Early looks at the game however revealed that Rockstar originally planned to include a lot more vegetation. Including more trees and bushes would have made the game look more visually pleasing, but this many trees likely would have slowed down the game a bit more than what Rockstar wanted. 


5 Different Character Names

Most Grand Theft Auto fans are very familiar with Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton by this point. It may be a surprise however that the characters almost went by completely different names.

When casting was happening for Grand Theft Auto V, a list of names and descriptions for characters were released for a project called Rush, which was a code-name for GTA V. It is widely believed that Michael was originally named Albert De Silva and Trevor was simply called Simon. As for Franklin, there is no mention as to what the character was originally named. 

4 Pre-Millennium Radio

Jimmy De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V

Another cool feature of Grand Theft Auto V is that you can listen to hit songs while you drive around Los Santos. Rockstar included big hits from pretty much every genre. The game allows you to pick between several different radio stations such as West Coast Classics, Los Santos Rock Radio, and Non-Stop Pop.

There are even more stations to choose from, but one you won’t find in the game is Pre-Millennium Radio, which would have been a 90s alternative rock station. A few of the songs from this station actually appear on Vinewood Boulevard Radio, but it would have been awesome to get a station devoted to this genre. 

3 Gyms

Gym in Grand Theft Auto V

One fun activity in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was going to the gym to bulk up the character CJ. When the game was released in 2004, fans were able to change the size of CJ’s muscles and this feature was almost included in Grand Theft Auto V.

Given the incredible graphics in Grand Theft Auto V, changing the size of Franklin, Trevor, or Michael’s muscles likely would have been a complex task when it came to coding the game. Regardless, it still would have been interesting to see gyms as a side activity in Grand Theft Auto V. 

2 Female Police Officers

Female Cop In Grand Theft Auto V

When it comes to police officers in Los Santos, most of them are male. For some reason, Grand Theft Auto V has way more male officers than female. Gamers will occasionally find a female police officer walking down a street, but every time you do something illegal, a male officer will come after you.

It remains a mystery to this day why female cops don’t patrol the streets in Los Santos, but given the promotional artwork for the game, it certainly looks like they had originally planned to make female officers as prevalent as male ones. 

1 Basketball

Basketball Court in Grand Theft Auto V

The source code for Grand Theft Auto V revealed a lot of Rockstar’s cut ideas for the game, but among the most exciting is the option to play basketball. Basketball was most popular in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas as a mini-game.

Being able to play basketball in a Grand Theft Auto title with better graphics would have been a fun activity for longtime fans of the series, but it seems as if Rockstar decided to put their efforts into different elements of the game and leave basketball out of the picture. 

Is there anything else that was cut from Grand Theft Auto V? Let us know in the comments!

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