Grand Theft Auto V: 15 Secret Areas That You Had No Idea About

Think you've explored all of San Andreas? Here are a few well-hidden locations you may have missed in Grand Theft Auto V.

Gamers and fans of entertainment alike will have known of Grand Theft Auto: V and its massive success in the pop culture sphere, with its record-breaking sales and status as the fastest-selling entertainment product in history.

This is unsurprising considering what the game has to offer – providing players with a large, open-world map to explore and enjoy all the virtual free will they please. Being a highly expansive game with hundreds of different areas and locations, its easy to get lost in the exciting adventures one can go on in San Andreas. With the wide variety of air, water, and land vehicles to boot, this makes exploring the world of GTA all the more enticing.

However, there are quite a few hidden and little-known locations scattered about the map that only the most observant players have been able to find. These range from tiny, yet useful areas that can shelter players from potential enemies, to simply creepy, mysterious locations that hold a number of unanswered questions.

That said, here are the 15 Grand Theft Auto V Secret Areas That You Had No Idea About.

15 Inside The Humane Labs

The Humane Labs is a research facility that is found in a more secluded area of San Andreas' map, and with a few sneaky game tricks, players can find themselves exploring the secret spaces inside of this private building.

The interior of this laboratory can be accessed as follows: approach the building, accept a job invite from your character's phone, and back out of the "job menu" that displays – this will spawn the player inside the Humane Labs itself.

From there, players can roam about and discover the miscellaneous Easter eggs that it has to offer.

Despite the other hidden labs or bunkers found in Grand Theft Auto: V, the interior of this facility is completely empty, leaving less chance of making enemies, as players go about their exploring.

It is quite a large secret area, with numerous rooms and wide spaces that players may potentially even find themselves getting lost in.

14 Clock Tower

Down in the west of Los Santos stands a sky-scraping tower with a large black and white clock – and while the building is nice enough to view as it is, players can actually set foot on the very top of the structure through any form of air transport.

Upon landing on one of the tower's roofs, players will discover various ladders which are placed about to easily get around the upper outside areas.

Should players climb one of these ladders to get to the topmost level of the tower – they get a grand 360-degree view of the entire city, as well as the perfect vantage point for shooting down enemies (and, hey, if you want to be a jerk – other innocent players too).

Air vehicles can also be easily gunned down at this location, and is an unexpected hiding place that can effectively give players cover.

It's also worthy to note that the clock in the tower is connected to real-time and is properly functioning.

13 Hidden Mine

As one of the more expansive hidden locations – this secret mine tunnel is both interestingly designed as it is mysterious.

Found in the more mountainous region of the map, players can access this secret area by detonating the wooden doors that block the place from outside entry.

Upon being blown up (either by grenades or any other explosive weapon), a dark entrance is revealed that leads to an eerie mine tunnel – one that extends to cover a wide range of ground, even branching off into different directions at some points in the area.

Players will also discover a perplexing dead body upon venturing inside – a man dressed in typical '40s fashion.

While a cool enough secret location on its own – this tunnel may or may not also play an integral role in one of the game's side missions.

12 Los Santos Airport Bunker

Grand Theft Auto: V is known for having quite a few useful bunkers on the map, though this one's a little harder to find.

In online mode, one of these can be stumbled upon at the Los Santos airport; players can access the location either by sneaking down a hatch on the roof or through the back doors of the area's building.

Inside, the place houses quite a few objects to interact with, including a number of vending machines and a water cooler.

While it's a large enough bunker, the doors inside sadly read "Authorised Personnel Only," leaving not a whole lot to do or explore. However, it's a suitable location to hide from the cops if you're a wanted felon on the run.

It is also not known for sure whether Rockstar had initial plans for this room to play a more integral role in the game's campaign, given it's level of interactivity. Though its still a pretty neat – albeit simply designed – hidden location.

11 Large Hotel Swimming Pool

Right in the middle of Los Santos' map features a large hotel – and it in lies a large, oasis-looking swimming pool.

Unmarked on the map and unseen from the streets, the creators of the game did an effective job at hiding an undoubtedly random, yet entertaining location.

Players can enter this area through the doors of the hotel itself, leading to a corridor that eventually exits to an outdoor pool.

Here we see an elegant design of marble and palm trees, and is a perfect mini feature for shooting scenarios with other players online. The pool itself can also be interacted with and is large enough to hold a crowd of several others.

Because of the exposed environment, the location can also be spotted from above via helicopter.

10 Secret Cave Bunker

At much more elusive part of the map, this hidden area can be located among one of the tiny islands of the Pacific Ocean. Players will have to access this via some form of water transport, and carefully seek out a portion of land standing two trees side-by-side.

Upon reaching the base of one of these trees, the player will suddenly find themselves transported into a secret underground bunker, complete with mercenaries and FBI agents standing guard.

With the main part of the base designed to look like a garage, one will additionally find a variety of vehicles on display – including a red monowheel bike.

When further explored, players may also stumble upon a few police operatives having a confidential meeting in what looks like a combined office and lounge, with fancy-looking sofas, a sleek T.V. system, and untouched, filled shotglasses.

While a definitely cool room to take a gander at, just remember to hide any form of weaponry – lest you'd want a few FBI bullets headed your way.

9 Tongva Cave

Yet another secret hideout, this one is elusively situated among the Tongva Hills. It is a small cave that overlooks the mountains of the San Andreas map, carefully hidden away from the rest of the territory.

Players can arrive at this location through the simple means of helicopter (or any other form of aircraft).

However, it may take a while to spot – as at first glance, it may seem like a mere shadow or boulder – there sure enough is a narrow entrance into small, dark cave with a beautiful view of the region's mountainous horizon.

The area is also the perfect place to hide away from enemies; bombs or booby traps can be placed around the entrance to ward off potential bounty hunters.

8 Taco Van Location

If you're looking for a large, unique assault vehicle (and are a fan of tacos) – then this secret location should be quite useful.

Located to the north of Sandy Shores, a huge taco van can be found along a dirt road, right next to a few people who were probably down with the afternoon cravings.

It is important that players arrive at this location between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM – as the vehicle is only spawned onto the map during this time.

The van is unoccupied to begin with – saving players the worry of having to kick someone out of their precious food truck.

One can easily hop inside and drive off with the vehicle -- and, having the mechanics of a van, a second person can safely stand on its roof and be completely immune to falling off onto the roads.

It's the perfect vehicle for an epic car chase – because, how often do we get one with a massive taco truck?

7 Jack Howitzer's Motel Room

You can't unlock the full potential of a Grand Theft Auto map without doing a few sly "wall breaches" here and there – and when done successfully, you may just have a discovery that's as creepy as it is interesting.

Set behind the back wall of the police station, players will be able to "break" the game map and jump into an empty, grey void beneath the streets of Los Santos.

From there, their character must activate their parachute and glide underneath the city, eventually reaching an invisible platform that spawns the setting of a dark, abandoned hotel room.

While initially seeming like a random, mysterious site, the area is actually first seen in an in-game television series: the motel room of actor Jack Howitzer and his sock puppet, Ho Chi.

In the show, the room was a setting for the possible murder of prostitute, featuring Howitzer on his bed holding a gun, with bullet holes and blood sprayed across the walls and several jars with his own urine.

Thankfully, the creators save players from those details in this Easter egg, though it still maintains much of the same, sinister interior as viewed from the TV scene.

6 Ghost Voices By The Seaside

If the game clock strikes 11:00 PM and you're looking for a place to get spooked, this area may provide a few supernatural surprises.

Located by the sea at what seems like a popular campsite (being crowded with several tents), players will eventually start hearing the eerie sounds of various ghostly voices, given that they linger at the site for long enough.

These noises range from soft, sinister whispers to distant wailing screams, and randomly occur in striking contrast to the setting's tranquil sounds of ocean waves and fireflies.

As the voices sound both male and female – it's safe to say the area is haunted by not one, but a number of unrested souls. Also, judging from their pained shrieks, it seems that their passings were none-too-pleasant either.

5 The Tennis Coach's House

This particular Easter egg is a little easier to spot, and was probably closer than you thought to another well-known location on the map.

The backstory behind this little-known detail revolves around the in-game mission titled, "Marriage Counselling" – in which Grand Theft Auto: V's protagonist Michael De Santa comes home to his mansion in the Rockford Hills looking for his wife.

Upon arriving, he notices two suspicious tennis rackets leaning to the side of the entrance doors, triggering De Santa to rush up the stairs and into his and his wife's bedroom, where he – sure enough – catches her cheating with her tennis coach Kyle Chavis.

It's during this part of the game where players chase down Chavis and eventually find him hidden in the home of businessman Martin Madrazo, which De Santa mistakes as Chavis' house and destroys.

However, by travelling across from Madrazo's affluent home, players will come upon what seems like the tennis coach's actual home – a more rundown-looking shack littered with tennis balls and rackets all around its outside premises.

Additionally, one can also find a an aim-practice mannequin and a tennis ball machine, further solidifying this theory.

4 Epsilon Vantage Point

Yet another wall breach trick, this hidden location can be found at the Epsilon Program building, and is once again an extremely helpful area for players seeking that perfect vantage point.

Once at the building, one can get to this secret location by climbing up the building's back ladders – leading the player to the topmost level from where various cone-like structures can be found.

These structures overlook the Los Santos roads at the edge of the Epsilon roof, and, when done correctly, the player can actually climb one of these cones and hide inside the structure itself.

Though it may take a few, persistent tries, once inside, the player can then have a good top view of the streets – making it a perfect hideout for sniping unsuspecting enemies.

The fact that you're fully inside a metal cone also makes your character essentially invincible, completely protecting you from the bullets of outside attackers.

3 Underground Lab In Fort Zancudo

Fort Zancudo is quite a mysterious location in itself, with fans having theorized that their base may be a possible landing site for aliens – given the green-glowing UFO hovering above one of their buildings every 3:00 AM.

To add to this crazy theory, one particular player was able to install a mod that allowed him to access an actual underground lab hidden beneath this UFO-targeted building.

To access the location, players must install the same mod into their game and ride down the building's elevator, leading them to a dark, red-and-blue-tinted laboratory with a number of military soldiers keeping watch (players may need to fight these characters off when seen).

This underground lab is surprisingly a large one, with different levels to explore and several, suspicious objects protected by vault doors-- including a nuclear bomb, blueprints, and a computer monitoring the soundwaves of an unknown location.

2 Forest Zombie Base

It seems like one player had quite the soft spot for zombies – creating this unexpected treat of a mod for those who may want to reinact scenes of The Walking Dead.

Found at a densely forested area near the Sandy Shores airport – a secluded place where players can easily access via an air vehicle – one will discover a large, open survival camp, barricaded by red and white walls encircling the area.

You may need to bust out a few parkour tricks to climb within the barrier, but once inside – players will find military soliders scattered about, along with normal citizens congregated in groups and tents.

The place houses a number of trailers, various military vehicles (including a silly, LED-lighted dune buggy), and a spot for leisure activity where a number of women can be found doing yoga beside a couple of arcade machines.

The place is very well-detailed and definitely an interesting find on the map for players keen on living out a zombie fantasy on the outskirts of Los Santos.

1 Mt. Chiliad Tunnel Door

Finding this highly strange, ominous location requires a bit of mod installation and, once again, wall breaching -- though it's very well worth the find.

Located inside of Mt. Chiliad is a long tunnel with two doors placed on the sides of its interior – labeled "T01" and "T02". While the "T02" door is essentially non-interactive, "T01" displays a glowing, red light at its entrance (assuming the proper mod is installed).

This light assures the player that the area is enterable, and upon going through, players will find themselves in the middle of a bizarre scenario involving a cult-like group of people worshipping a giant floating egg.

It is unconfirmed as to what exactly this scene entails – though it ties in nicely to the alien fan theories floating about.

Additionally, across from the egg congregation is a suspended, LED-light-covered dune buggy – very similar to the one found in the hidden zombie survival base.


Have you ever stumbled upon any secret Grand Theft Auto: V  locations? Let us know in the comments!

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