Grand Theft Auto Online Halloween Treats: Vehicles, Costumes & More

Grand Theft Auto 5 online Halloween vehicle - Franken Stange

Quick: what’s the difference between a good game and a great game? A lot could be said on this topic, but the basic answer is that good games keep fans entertained, but great games continue to keep fans entertained, long after their initial hype has died off. Enter Grand Theft Auto V.

Never one to rest on their laurels, it’s as if the folks at Rockstar Games take every opportunity they can to avoid having Grant Theft Auto V be seen as merely a good game. Each day that passes could see a multitude of additions to life in Los Santos. So what better time to dole out the treats than Halloween? You might be too old for trick or treating, but you’re never too old for GTA V.

This year Rockstar have delivered GTA V online gamers a virtual treasure trove of macabre add-ons. Available now through November 16th, 2015, the Halloween treats will unfortunately only be accessible to those who play the game on PS4 and Xbox One consoles, as well as those on PC. Tough luck for the old school fools like myself who still enjoy their Los Santos mayhem via last gen setups.

First up, the Lurcher hearse and the Franken Stange hot rod. Tricked out in the spirit of ghoulishness, there are also 20 different Bobbleheads that can be added to the dash of these or any of the game’s other recent customizable Lowriders. Gamers can also look forward to a wealth of new Halloween masks available at the Vespucci Movie Masks store for all your Halloween heist needs. If masks aren’t your thing, Rockstar's got you covered with 30 new different styles of ghastly face paint.

However, arguably the coolest new Halloween addition to GTA online is the Slasher Adversary Mode, where players are hunted by a psychopath with a shotgun. Playable by up to 8 players at a time, the Slasher mode drops gamers into the darkness with only a flashlight in their arsenal. Though it lights up your way, if you’re not careful your flashlight will give away your location and find you staring down the barrel of a shotgun. If you can survive this nightmare for three minutes, you’re supplied with your own shotgun and a fighting chance at survival.

Grand Theft Auto V online Halloween additions

If all that wasn’t enough of a superb Halloween treat, Rockstar has a livestream event planned for Friday, October 30th at 5pm ET - an event which will feature the Rockstar Broadcast team and special guests.

These gory seasonal additions come a little over a week after Rockstar announced massive new GTA online arrivals of: customizable Lowriders, 8 new contact missions, new weapons, adversary modes, a new scene creator that allows players to choose from over 200 available custom setting props for their Rockstar Editor clips - and much more.

With all of this coming at gamers, it’s little wonder why Rockstar holds such a strong grasp of the gaming world and why it has laid claim to no less than 6 different world records for sales with GTA V. Granted, some (perhaps all) of these records could be shattered this November when EA unveils Star Wars Battlefront. Regardless of its competitors however, there’s a reason gamers still love GTA V more than two years after its initial release: Rockstar’s unwavering commitment to letting fans continuously be challenged by a great game.

Source: Rockstar Games

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