Grand Theft Auto Online Basically Just Added A Batmobile

Grand Theft Auto Online players will be able to essentially drive around in the Batmobile for the game's four year anniversary. Even though the world of Grand Theft Auto could probably sorely use someone like Batman to help put a stop to how rampant its crime is, there aren’t any superheroes to be found in the series.

However, for those who want to keep on looting and shooting everything while decked out in the Dark Knight’s cool gear, Rockstar Games has essentially provided the player with that option. As of October 27, a new update will allow players to drive the Batmobile in all but name.

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Rockstar Games announced the update on their site along with a host of other treats to celebrate four years of Grand Theft Auto Online. Along with the obviously Batman inspired “Vigilante” vehicle, players who log in on a Playstation 4, Xbox One, or PC will also get a new Transform Race, as well as a new game mode that is basically a game of tag except whoever is it at the end of the timer will die.

The new vehicle will no doubt be what immediately catches many fan’s eyes, though. The all black car is equipped with machine guns and can also fire missiles, so it’s not just an aesthetic advantage. And just in case the car’s connection to Batman wasn’t clear enough, it’s also dubbed the “Vigilante” and any comic fan knows that Bruce Wayne is synonymous with dishing out vigilante justice, though Batman would likely not be commending the brand of justice that the characters of Grand Theft Auto are used to dispensing. The game’s almost-Batmobile likely won’t be seeing much use in saving lives.

It’s not just new items and game modes being offered, though. Up to November 6, players who login will have GTA$400,000 added to their in-game account to spend on other items. There will also be major discounts on properties, vehicles, and gear for Halloween during this weekend and ending after October 30. So players should have everything they need to celebrate Mischief Night however they want in the world of Grand Theft Auto. All Transform Races will be paying out double GTA$ until October 30, so you’re pretty highly encouraged to use that new Vigilante car.

While the new items should be sticking around, the discounts and the GTA$400,000 won’t be around past their cut off dates, so you’ll have to get on those opportunities soon. In the spirit of the season, Rockstar is giving out treats, but like people who are late getting ready for Halloween, wait too long and the treats will all be gone. The celebration of Grand Theft Auto Online marking its fourth year is happening right now.

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Source: Rockstar Games

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