7 Actors We Want to Star in a 'Grand Theft Auto' Movie

Character appearances: Grand Theft Auto 5

Actor seen in: Goodfellas, Killing them Softly, and Cop Land.

Ray Liotta is already a Grand Theft Auto veteran, voicing Tommy Vercetti in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. However, in the live-action world, Liotta is a better fit for the first of the three Grand Theft Auto 5 protagonists, Michael De Santa. The senior member of the GTAV anti-hero team, Michael is a former bank robber now living a suburban life with his wife and children. However, in order to maintain his accustomed quality of life, he returns to a life of crime. After Goodfellas put Liotta in the spotlight, the actor has become a staple among gangster movie fantasy casters and for good reason: Liotta captures the delicate balance between charm and malevolence that makes for a memorable mobster. Still, his work in comedy, specifically films like Date Night, should help him capture the duality of Michael - a man that is ruthless, cunning, but still a doormat for his wife and kids. Of course, Liotta wouldn't be alone in a GTA5-inspired movie, and it'd be especially fun to watch the veteran actor interact with younger and crazier partners in crime.

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