7 Actors We Want to Star in a 'Grand Theft Auto' Movie

Character appearances: Grand Theft Auto 4

Actor seen in: The Transporter, Crank, and The Expendables.

While Niko Bellic was punctuated by a number of goofy and over-the-top traits in his GTA installment, but any big screen version of the character would need to be slightly more grounded - albeit still with a healthy dose of humor and hijinks. Jason Statham might not be Eastern European but the actor has played non-British characters in the past - characters who successfully balance ruthless killing with tongue-in-cheek banter. There's no doubt that Statham can be a convincing one-man-army, capable of clearing out an entire warehouse full of entrenched thugs, but roles like Chev Chelios in Crank along with Lee Christmas in The Expendables show the actor can also serve up social satire and off-the-wall comedy beats that would be necessary in translating the world of Grand Theft Auto to movies. Most importantly, Statham is well-adept at conquering the biggest hurdle facing any film set in the violent and crude world of GTA - making the audience root for (and maybe even care about) a savage and cold-hearted assassin.

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