7 Actors We Want to Star in a 'Grand Theft Auto' Movie

Character appearances: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (off-hand reference)

Actor seen in: The Walking Dead, Snitch, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Known best for his role as the duplicitous Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead, Bernthal would be no stranger to the brutality and violence depicted in a Grand Theft Auto property. Unlike the silent Claude, Vercetti was brought to life by foul-mouthed dialogue along with an (at times) abrasive personality - making him one of the least empathetic Grand Theft Auto protagonists. However, Bernthals's supporting part in Snitch serves as a good example of how casting the actor as Tommy Vercetti in a big screen Vice City adaptation could help ground the gangster caricature in a relatable story (capable of appealing to a broad moviegoing audience) - since the success of the Snitch character, Daniel James, managed to navigate a very fine line between violent actions and an empathetic human arc. Playing up the events behind Vercetti's betrayal would allow Bernthal plenty of room to be a one-man killing machine - couched motivations that audiences could get behind.

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