7 Actors We Want to Star in a 'Grand Theft Auto' Movie

Character appearances: Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Actor seen in: Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Jack Reacher, and A Good Day to Die Hard.

When Grand Theft Auto made the jump to open-world sandbox mayhem (from its top-down roots), players landed in the blue sneakers of Claude "Speed" - a silent protagonist, recently double-crossed by his lover, and left for dead. A feature film based on Grand Theft Auto 3 would, undoubtedly, require Claude to have a voice this round - though the character's brutal fisticuffs and expert weapons training would still do a lot of the talking. A Good Day to Die Hard was, ultimately, bogged down in too much father-and-son drama to make it a satisfying Die Hard franchise entry, but it's hard to blame Jai Courtney - who still delivered some of the film's most exciting (and humorous) moments. That said, Courtney's role as ruthless assassin Charlie in Jack Reacher (also a man of few words) provides the best reason to think the actor could offer a believable but savage take on Claude - a mysterious man capable of racking-up a 5-star wanted level only to escape in a heart-pounding car chase.

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