Grand Theft Auto 5 Becomes Watch Dogs With These Epic Mods

When Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 5 was released in 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360, it was an instant hit. That success continued in 2014 when it re-released for the PS4 and Xbox One with new features and improved graphics, and again in 2015 for PC where the ambitious modding community went to work immediately. Since then we’ve seen Imperial Star Destroyers floating in the sky, Iron Man suits, and just about everything else one could imagine. There are mods that refine and balance existing features, while others can change the entire way the game is played and how it looks.

They can even convert it into another game entirely. With that in mind, while many gamers felt that Ubisoft's modern open-world game Watch_Dogs could’ve been better, there were plenty of unique aspects to the game that players had fun with. The power of hacking an entire city through a cell phone is intriguing and relevant but the end result, however, left much to be desired. Thanks to a couple of mods however, GTA V players looking to control the city of Los Santos can effectively bring all of the hacking joyfulness of Watch_Dogs to GTA V.

Mod creater JulioNIB has created scripts that let players hack into almost everything in the Grand Theft Auto 5 game world, from bursting light bulbs, to controlling security cameras, and even blocking civilian cell phones. What good is a hacking mechanic if the world isn’t built to respond to it? JulioNIB took care of that too, adding behavior modifications that cause “witnesses” to call and report you to the police. The only thing that seems to be missing compared to the original Watch_Dogs are the profiling aspects to the gameplay. To get the full experience of being Aiden Pearce, install this second mod to have the look while doing the deeds. It's incredible what a few talented modders are able to do when compared the the hundreds of developers working on Watch_Dogs.

Aiden Pearce in Grand Theft Auto 5
Aiden Pearce in Grand Theft Auto 5

Instead of simply adding a few fun features and leaving it at that, the writer of the mod took it a step further. By altering the player’s wanted level dependent on if the police have been informed of the crime, and the player stays in the reported area, it gives an amount of control to any given situation. It also adds incentive to play smart and use the new abilities at the player’s fingertips, such as blocking phone calls or bursting the cell phone in the caller’s hand.

These mods in particular require the plugins ScripthookV & ASI Loader and ScripthookVDotNet to run. As with the installation of anything unofficial, be sure to backup any game files before installing, as a lot are overwritten or replaced.

Though they require some extra work to install, and some mods can be a bit buggy, there’s no arguing that with game-changers like this one, modding can add hours of life to any game.

And if you ever get tired of that, just fire cars from your guns instead of bullets.

Source: GTAXScripting, Youtube

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