Venom Attacks Los Santos in Crazy Grand Theft Auto V Mod

Venom in Grand Theft Auto v

A new mod for Grand Theft Auto V allows gamers to play as the popular symbiote from Sony's recent film Venom. The latest Grand Theft Auto title was released in 2013, but gamers are still having fun in the game and finding new secrets that had previously been undiscovered. Venom, on the other hand, is the latest movie in Sony's growing Spider-Man film universe that will focus on some of Spider-Man's greatest foes and allies.

Although many fans were skeptical about Venom, given Sony's track record with superhero films, the film ended up being liked by a lot of comic book fans. That being said, there are also a lot of brutal reviews for Venom with some even saying the movie resembles a superhero movie that would have come out in the 2000s. Despite the division between fans and critics, Venom earned Sony a ton of money, and recently passed $800 million worldwide, surpassing Wonder Womanand even every film in the X-Men series. While people seemed to enjoy watching Venom on the big screen, fans can now play as the alien symbiote on their TV at home.

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First posted on YouTube by ScarfAceYogi, fans have created a mod for Grand Theft Auto V that allows players to attack Los Santos as Venom. The mod not only allows players to play as Venom, but comes with a few special attacks such as eating an enemy's head, shooting spikes, and lifting spikes from the ground. Venom appears to be almost invincible in the mod, which also allows players to web-swing their way through the city of Los Santos. The gameplay for this epic mashup can be seen below.

While rumors for Grand Theft Auto 6 have popped up over the last few years, Rockstar has still not announced anything official for the game. That being said, Grand Theft Auto V did become the most profitable entertainment product as of this year, so the game clearly still has a strong fan base even though it is now five years old. As for the superhero genre for video games, Insomniac Games released the massively popular Spider-Man game exclusively on PlayStation 4 a few months ago.

While Venom has been featured in a few Spider-Man games over the years, he has never gotten his own video game. While this new mod in Grand Theft Auto V isn't likely to inspire video game companies to make a Venom game, it is still a fun hack for fans of both Grand Theft Auto and Venom. Players already bring a lot of destruction to Los Santos as Trevor, Michael, and Franklin, but playing as Venom brings that destruction to a whole new level.

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Source: ScarfAceYogi

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