Thanos Comes to San Andreas in This Grand Theft Auto V Mod

A familiar face will soon be roaming the digital streets of San Andreas. Brazilian Grand Theft Auto V modder JulioNIB announced that they are bringing Thanos to Rockstar Games' popular open-world action game. While work on the intergalactic Marvel villain isn't quite finished yet, a good look at the upcoming modification has been uploaded to YouTube. The work-in-progress videos have Thanos showing off his superhuman abilities and wreaking havoc around the city.

This isn't the first time that JulioNIB has brought popular Marvel comic book characters into Grand Theft Auto. The Brazilian previously made it so players could use Hulk (which essentially turns the game into a sequel to The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction), Ghost Rider, and Iron Man in the popular PC version of the game. All of the aforementioned modifications can be found on the modder's website, while a work-in-progress version of the Thanos mod is available to Patreon backers.

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Thanos will be equipped with five of the six Infinity Stones when he steps foot in San Andreas. He'll be able to freeze time, use the Space Stone to teleport, transform vehicles with the Reality Stone, use the Power Stone to blast foes from afar, and even steal the souls of pedestrians with the Soul Stone. In addition to these abilities, he'll also be able to throw meteors and jump over buildings without any issue.

JulioNIB's previous projects have made the modder one of the top stars of the Grand Theft Auto V modding scene and after taking a look at the work-in-progress videos of Thanos it's easy to see why. Not only does the in-game model look great graphically, but the character really captures the abilities of the alien nihilist. This isn't a simple exchange of a few textures, but a modification that is adding new gameplay dynamics into Rockstar Games' latest title.

While this is an unofficial appearance by Thanos, the Avengers: Infinity War villain recently made his way into the popular free-to-play shooter Fortnite. He starred in a limited-time mode for a week that tweaked the battle royale gameplay and allowed players to temporarily play as the overpowered character if they found the Infinity Gauntlet. That mode has since been removed, but this Grand Theft Auto V mod should help ease the pain of players that are missing the character.

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Source: JulioNIB (via DSOGaming)

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