Why Don't They Make X-Men Games Like This Magneto GTA V Mod?

Magneto mod Grand Theft Auto V

An impressive Grand Theft Auto V mod adds X-Men favorite Magneto to the action-adventure game. Although the Master of Magnetism has appeared in various Marvel games over the years, this is the first time players have seen his metal-bending powers at work on the streets of Lost Santos.

Like any superhero video game franchise, X-Men has had its ups and down on consoles and PC. From the pixelated lows of 1989's The Uncanny X-Men to the highs of players assembling their own dream teams with 2004's X-Men Legends, fans have seen it all. As superhero gaming prepares to take another leap forward with Insomniac's Spider-Man, some will undoubtedly be asking where the next great X-Men game is.

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The brainchild of JulioNIB, the mod can be found over on GTAXscripting. JulioNIB is known for modding Grand Theft Auto V with Watch Dogs-style gameplay and his Magneto hack is no different. The powerful mutant can be seen causing havoc by flipping cars, pulling helicopters from the sky, and even derailing trains. Even the gangs of Los Santos are no match for Magneto as he pulls guns towards them and opens fire with their own weaponry. Better still, JulioNIB's official site confirms that the Magneto patch can be tweaked so that different metals react in different ways.

The developer has made a name for himself with Grand Theft Auto mods, and, in addition to adding Dragon Ball Z, he has previously brought other Marvel characters like the Hulk, Ghost Rider, and Thanos to the record-breaking game. Including the Mad Titan in Grand Theft Auto V might be cool, but watching the sheer power of Magneto could be Julio NIB's best mod yet.

Even five years after its release, Grand Theft Auto is one of only three games to sell over 100 million copies. As the most profitable entertainment product of all time, adding popular characters like Magneto or God of War's Kratos to Grand Theft Auto V is one way to keep fans interested in the title, as the developers behind the actual game start to look forward.

As for X-Men games, Spider-Man could set the ball rolling for a Marvel Games Universe. There is already an Avengers game in the works as Square Enix opens up a new studio for the superhero project, not to mention a Guardians of the Galaxy game reportedly in development, but just imagine what would happen if Rockstar Games applied the magic of Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption to the idea of an open-world X-Men title. While gamers patiently wait for the X-Men to join the MCU and the inevitable boom of superhero games, Grand Theft Auto V fans can try out the Magneto mod for themselves.

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Source: GTAXscripting

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