Gran Torino. Do You Feel Lucky Punk?

When news broke last week via AICN that the newly announced Gran Torino was in fact a new Dirty Harry film, the Internet started to buzz with excitement.

However, FilmJerk then reported that Gran Torino was actually:

"a simple, quiet and compelling drama about Walt (Eastwood), a rural bigot who finds his outlook on life changed after a family of Hmong immigrants move in to the home next to his own, striking up a friendship with the family's teenage son Tao over the older man's now-classic car."

It looked like the chances of a new Dirty Harry movie were slim, but then Movieweb hit back with a report that the film was indeed the sixth instalment of the Dirty Harry franchise. The Movieweb writer stated:

"a friend of mine just so happens to work for Malpaso, Eastwood's production company. He claims that the rumors are true, Gran Torino is the sixth Harry Callahan film. And the story the writer sent into AINC seems to be pretty accurate as far as plot points are concerned."

So, what is the score with Gran Torino?

Dirty Harry or not Dirty Harry?

At this point Gran Torino could be anything. The way Clint's career is heading "a simple, quite and compelling drama" wouldn't be a huge surprise for the actor/director/legend.

That said, as we have seen over the past year or so- you can't keep a good action hero down, and if Harrison Ford is willing to return to the character of Indiana Jones, and more importantly Bruce Willis came back for a fourth Die Hard film (which is something he swore he would never do) then there is a slim chance that Eastwood would be willing to strap on his .44 Magnum for one last case.

Eastwood has also made it clear that he wants to retire from acting: could he want to end his career with one final stint as his most iconic character?


Could it also be that Clint got a sniff that Warner Brothers were willing to restart the Dirty Harry franchise, and he wanted to make a final film to delay the remake for another twenty years or so?


According to Movieweb, Gran Torino is already shooting (possibly in more ways than one) so we should have more news soon. I'd love for this to be a new Dirty Harry film, but my guts are telling me it is a low key drama film.

I will as always keep you posted.

Let's hope that we feel lucky.

Gran Torino / Dirty Harry 6 is released in December 2008.

Sources: FilmJerk , Movieweb

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