Grabbers – Alien Monsters Meet Drunken Irishmen

Grabbers movie starts filming in Ireland

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, Sharktopus, The Squid and the Whale – people everywhere love nothing better than a movie whose main villain is an eight-armed suction cup-covered sea creature from the deepest parts of the ocean's recesses (OK, The Squid and the Whale is a stretch).

Variety is now reporting that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has recently bought the UK rights to the upcoming Irish horror-comedy Grabbers.

The movie, which recently began filming in Belfast and Donegal, is directed by independent filmmaker Jon Wright and was written by Kevin Lehane.  Special FX house Nvizible - whose most recent work can be seen in the films Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Clash of the Titans - has signed on to work on the digital creature effects for Grabbers.

While the title conjures memories of the cult-favorite Tremors (anyone remember the video game Graboids?), the story for Grabbers is unique and sounds completely hilarious. Check out the synopsis and first poster below:

Ciarán O’Shea, the handsome though washed up policeman of sleepy Erin Island, has a daily routine consisting mainly of hanging out at the pub with the local drunks and various other charmingly eccentric characters. But his day is about to go horribly wrong.

Teamed up with the unwanted help of Lisa – an uptight workaholic policewoman from the Irish mainland – they suddenly find themselves dealing with dead whales, decapitated fishermen and weird alien creatures or “grabbers”. Like a giant squid with tentacles, fanged jaws and a three-foot barbed tongue, they’re making mincemeat of the locals.

Faced with another imminent attack, O’Shea and Lisa figure out that the only person to survive the last onslaught only did so because he was so drunk his blood was literally toxic to the monsters. So there is only one thing for it: They have to get the entire village as drunk as possible in order to survive the night ... a task that the villagers apply themselves to with gusto.

But one person must remain sober so for the first time in years O’Shea has to face up to things without a drink. When things don’t go to plan, an extremely drunk Lisa and a very sober O’Shea have to reconcile their differences and somehow save the day.

Grabbers stars Richard Coyle (Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time) , Bronagh Gallagher (Sherlock Holmes), Russell Tovey, Stuart Graham, Jonathan Ryan (The Tudors) and Roz McCutcheon.

Grabbers movie poster

So to recap – when an island off the coast of Ireland is invaded by bloodsucking aliens, the heroes discover that getting drunk is the only way to survive…hilarity ensues. Surely I can’t be the only person looking forward to seeing Grabbers on the big screen? Sadly, U.S. audiences may have to wait for it on DVD or NetFlix Instant Que because Sony has only secured the UK rights.

I think the tagline for the movie sums everything up quite nicely – “In 1759 Ireland invented the pint. In 2012 it'll save their lives.” If Grabbers turns out as fun to watch as it sounds in concept, then the film will join the ranks of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead as one of the great horror/comedies in recent cinema history.

Grabbers makes you down a fifth to stay alive in 2012.

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Source: Variety

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