Grab bag: Zorro, The Fog, Indiana Jones and More

I'm feeling too lazy to write up three separate articles, so here's a quickie.

Yahoo! Movies has the teaser trailer up for the new Zorro movie coming out this fall. Catherine Zeta-Jones(-Douglas?) is back as is Antonio Banderas. I enjoyed the first one for what it was and the trailer for this one looks fun as well. has an update on the remake of John Carpenter's The Fog. Sounds like maybe it will be more intense than the original? BTW, Carpenter is onboard as a producer. caught Avi Arad in a parking lot and got him to spill on a few things, including the fact that a Silver Surfer movie is next and that the first X-Men spinoff will indeed be the Wolverine movie.

Finally, it's being reported all over the place that the script for the fourth Indiana Jones movie is finally done. George "CGI" Lucas is going to give it a read and give it the gladatorial thumbs up or down.

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