David Goyer Shoots Down Batman 3 Rumors

In other breaking news, water is apparently wet, the sky is blue and ice cream is in fact delicious!

Talking to the MTV Movies Blog, David Goyer (who wrote Batman Begins and The Dark Knight along with director Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathon) reveals that none of the God-only-knows-how-many rumors regarding Batman 3 are true.

That's right, ladies and germs. Nolan has not yet signed on to helm the third Batman installment (the last in a proposed trilogy), pre-production won't start early in 2009 and no actor(s) have been cast to play Bat's latest advasary. As Goyer explains:

"We have mused here and there [but] I mean Chris is pretty much a one movie at a time kind of guy. I wish I could tell you more. There really isn't anything to tell."

Fair enough, good Sir.

It's common knowledge that Warner Brothers wants Batman 3 out ASAP with their current sights set for a summer 2011 release - which makes perfect sense considering that will give Nolan & Co. enough time to take a breather and relax before heading back to Gotham City.

Like The Dark Knight before it, my guess is official news on Batman 3 won't hit till next summer. Let's thank the MTV Splash page for debunking rumors for once instead of promoting them.

Source: MTV Movies Blog

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