Governator Schwarzenegger Talks Terminator Salvation Cameo

[UPDATE: It has been confirmed that we will be seeing a CGI version of Arnold in the film.]

Last week Screen Rant reported on the status of Arnold Schwarzenegger's possible cameo in the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster Terminator Salvation. The Governator's involvement with T4 has been looking increasingly doubtful, considering that it's already mid-April, the film is just over a month away, and his cameo hasn't even been locked down yet (better get on that one, McG...).

In a recent webcast interview, Schwarzenegger talked about his proposed cameo in Salvation. One bit of info he gave was pretty conflicting: he said he met with the director (McG) and agreed to be in the film, so long as he didn't have to perform.

I'm sorry, Arnie... what?...

Turns out Schwarzenegger was referring to the question of whether or not it would be actually him who appeared in the film, or just his face, which McG has said he wanted to superimpose over the body of T-800 Terminator model using CGI. That technological leap would allow the Governator to appear in the movie without, you know... actually appearing in the movie. Here's what "Ahnuld" had to say:

"I made it very clear that I don't have the time to do the movie... I said that I would be willing to be in the movie if they get the technology together, and so they are working on that right now."

He also gave his thoughts on the overall idea of adding to the existing franchise, as well as his future therein:

"I think it's cool to continue on with the franchise ... in case I want to jump over again and get into the acting after I'm through here."

It appears that although Schwarzenegger doesn't want to act right now (mainly because he doesn't have the time because of the current position he holds) that doesn't mean he wouldn't be open to the idea of returning to the acting profession once his term in office runs out in about two years time. He does mention it in the above quote, so I think we can color the possibility of seeing him on-screen in more than just a cameo at some point in the future as quite likely.

Last week we learned that the scene where Arnie's face would appear would be a fight scene with a naked T-800 (who, of course, was his character in the first three movies). In it we would mostly see him from the back, presumably to hide the fact that it's not actually him (instead it will be Roland Kickinger taking his place).

It seems that they are trying everything they can to get Arnie in there for a cameo, just as a teasing Easter-egg to movie buffs everywhere. Does it really matter if Arnie's in there? Not really, but it would be very cool. If it isn't a case of the cameo disrupting the story and is rather just a little added bonus appearance then I see no problem with it.

Slap a Schwarzenegger face on this 'bot and we're good to go!

As for how they're going to have him in there, I am very much for employing the technology needed to impose him rather than actually have him in there in person. Schwarzenegger is 62 years old this year, and that, coupled with the fact he's been out of the movie game for five years now, means he won't be in the same condition physically as he used to be. Even in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines he was pushing it.

With an approximate $200 million budget, I'm sure that they can find a technological way to get Arnie in T4, one way or another. I think we would all agree that it would be very cool to see him back on-screen again, no matter what role he took, but even cooler to see him as the badass machine we all know and love.

What do you think of Schwarzenegger possibly making a cameo in Terminator Salvation? Would you rather have him appear in person, or is the GGI route the better way to go?

Terminator Salvation opens on May 21st in the US and on June 3rd in the UK this year.

Source: LA Times

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