Gotham Star Talks Path Toward Catwoman

Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman on Gotham TV Show

Over the course of three seasons, Gotham has proven to be a successful yet divisive alternate take on Batman's world. Critics and fans have been largely split on its upended origin story, but the ratings have been strong enough for the series to continually get renewed. While the early days of the show saw it focus more on the hand-wringing of Jim Gordon and the corruption rampant in the institutions of Gotham City, the proceeding years have seen the writers and producers get more comfortable introducing comic book characters and figures that are larger than life. While it will still be a good many years before David Mazouz can don the cape and cowl, a number of the show's heroes and villains are slowly acting more like their comic counterparts.

Chief among them is Camren Bicondova's take on Selina Kyle. Though she's known on the street as Cat, she's still a long way from becoming the thief and anti-hero known as Catwoman. Still, a lot of her traits are already on display. She lives on the streets, regularly steals and breaks the law, has a fondness for leather, and has begun a relationship with Bruce Wayne. While the timetable on some of these things has accelerated considerably from how things unfolded in the comics, the chemistry between Bicondova and Mazouz is one of the highlights of the series. The show is always at its best when it focuses on Bruce, Selina, and Alfred, so their continued arcs together help steady the sometimes shaky ship that is Gotham.

Despite the similarities, the Selina of the show still doesn't quite have the skills and confidence as she does in the comics. CinemaBlend recently spoke with Bicondova about her transformation into the rogue, and the actor teased her character's progressing evolution.

"Especially after this next episode airs, Episode 13; I think she's actually going to believe in herself and she's actually going to believe that she's a strong independent person. I think she's always said that to make herself feel better and make it easier for her to live and survive, but after instances that are going to be occurring in her life soon, I think they're actually going to force her to actually believe that she is this strong independent young lady instead of just telling herself that. I think that's one step she's going to be taking to becoming Catwoman."

While Selina certainly seems sure of herself, it's been mostly pigheadedness up to this point. She hardly seems confident or even always capable. It's clear her life has been rough and much of what she's doing she makes up as she goes along. Though she presents a tough and competent exterior, it's merely a coping mechanism to survive the rough streets of Gotham. If she ever wants to become the legendary Catwoman, however, she'll need to eventually buy what she's selling.

"Catwoman actually believes everything she says and thinks, whereas Selina over the past two seasons has been kind of saying things to make herself feel better, so that would be the one thing that she's going to be changing."

With the recent appearance of Selina's mother on the show, we'll likely be delving much deeper into her psyche and understanding how she came to be in her current position. Perhaps some reconciliation mixed with her blossoming romance will give her the confidence she needs to further expand her skill-set and start working towards becoming one of the scourges of Gotham's elite. Until then, we'll soon enough have another live action version of the character as Catwoman will be joining Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn (who looks to be appearing on the show) in David Ayer's upcoming Gotham City Sirens movie for DC and WB.

Gotham continues next Monday with “Smile Like You Mean It” at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Source: CinemaBlend

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