'Gotham' TV Series to Feature Classic Batman Villains & Young Bruce Wayne

Gotham TV Show Series Villains Joker Young Bruce Wayne

There's been some confusion of what we're getting with the upcoming TV series Gotham. In short answer that will be set in the DC Comics universe, in Gotham City, but the twist is it will be set during the childhood years of Bruce Wayne, before he becomes Batman, and it will instead center on James Gordon, a young cop arriving in the city, trying to enforce justice in a den of crime and corruption.

While that premise sounds like potential ground for a good Noir cop procedural, for some people this has been a cut-and-dry situation: no Batman means no interest. Now Warner Bros. is out trying to sell the idea of the show, and has "sweetened the pot," so to speak, with new details that should appeal to Batman fans hoping on a more traditional take on the lore.

TV Guide tweeted live updates from TCA, where Fox Chairman Kevin Reilly provided the following major Gotham updates:

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