'Gotham' Featurette: The Future of Edward Nygma

Gotham Riddler Trailer

From the very beginning Fox's Gotham has been teasing and including the origins of several iconic characters from DC Comics. Whether it be the inclusion of Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman from the show's first frame or the reveal of The Joker a few weeks ago, the series has both been successful with the retellings of these characters - and has also failed at it. However, it seems like the show has begun to correct the ship these past few months into what many were hoping it would be from the start.

One character that has had a supporting role in the series since it began has been Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) - or as comic fans will know him, the man who becomes the iconic Batman villain, The Riddler. While the character's screen time has varied with each episode - he's had a strong presence in the background from the very beginning.

However, a new featurette (see above) teasing what's to come in the rest of Gotham's freshman season, Cory Michael Smith talked about Edward's arc in the season up to this point - and what fans might expect to see from him the rest of the season. Like many of the characters in the show (and in the comics for that matter) he's started off with good intentions, but it looks like jealousy, ego, and loneliness may become powerful forces in leading him towards his eventual endgame as the man dressed in question marks.

Gotham Riddler Trailer

Gotham started off not knowing necessarily where to tow the line between organically inserting characters into their story and shoving characters in for the sake of inclusion, and Nygma has always seem to fall on either side at points. Sometimes he's in the story and it makes sense, and other times it can feel forced, but it looks like the rest of the season may bring a lot of interesting developments for Edward.

Nygma has always been a character driven by obsession, and making one of his obsessions Kringle (Chelsea Spack) could mean bad things for both Nygma's state of mind and Kringle's safety in the future.  Especially considering that Gotham has actually been pretty patient up till this point (compared to some of the other villains of the show) in telling Edward's story, but as comic fans will know - nothing can seem to drive a fictional character mad quite like a broken (or in this case, rejected) heart.

Cory Michael Smith as The Riddler on Gotham

Whether or not Nygma's spiral into the iconic DC villain will reach an endpoint any time soon is unknown, but it certainly appears from this featurette that audiences are going to begin to see more from Nygma than a socially-awkward, intelligent guy in love with riddles. Which is sure to make a lot of DC fans out there very happy - if the show does it well, that is.

Gotham returns Monday, April 13th at 8/7c on Fox.

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