Gotham Stars Are Open To A Revival (But Only If Everyone Is Involved)

Gotham Season 5 Cast

The stars of Gotham are open to a revival, but only if everyone returns. The DC Comics prequel television show concluded its final season back in April, and featured Batman himself in costume.

In many ways, Gotham went down as one of the most interesting takes on the Batman universe. Originally focusing on the GCPD with new recruit James Gordon, the show would later also focus on building Bruce Wayne up as the future costumed vigilante. The show served as the origin story for numerous villains. Robin Lord Taylor's Penguin and Cory Michael Smith's Riddler were two of the most prominent, but the show also gave viewers new takes on Catwoman, Firefly, Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter, and more. Gotham's take on the Joker was arguably the most intriguing. Cameron Monaghan gave two separate performances as Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska, both of which expressed traits of the iconic villain. Jeremiah would become the Joker in the Gotham series finale, bringing everything full circle. Many fans want Gotham season 6. Although not too likely, the cast would certainly be down for it.

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During Dragon Con in Atlanta (via ComicBook), the cast of Gotham reunited. They were asked if they'd be interested in coming back together for a show revival. Donal Logue, who portrayed Harvey Bullock in the show, said the cast would be down, but only if everyone returned to do it.

"I think if the other people were involved, we’d absolutely be down to do it together," Logue said. "It would just get funky if it was [without them]. We were really very close and will remain so. ... It’d be hard to imagine doing this stuff without Ben [McKenzie]."

Taylor noted afterward that Gotham hits Netflix on September 30, and that it's "exciting" the show is going to get bigger due to new audiences discovering it on the platform. While fans would surely want to see a Batman-focused Gotham season 6, it's not likely to happen. The name "Batman" wasn't even mentioned in the series finale, and Gotham's producers were under the mandate from Warner Bros. that the name "Joker" can't be used. For all intents and purposes, the season 5 finale wrapped mostly everything up, and delivered the closure the show set out to accomplish.

If Gotham were to come back though, there's a lot that can be done. Of course, Batman's story as a rising crime-fighter would be a focus. Harvey Dent, who was last season in season 2, could become Two-Face. With Barbara Gordon now a character, Batgirl could have come into play at some point. There is so much rich history between all the characters that it's a shame a new season or sequel show probably won't happen. But, one never knows. At the very least, fans wanting more Gotham City on television can look forward to Batwoman on The CW this fall.

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Source: ComicBook

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