Gotham: Ben McKenzie Says No Batman Until the Show's End

Ben McKenzie in Gotham

FOX's Gotham is one of many superhero shows gracing the airwaves these days, but this Batman prequel series is missing one major element...Batman. The point of the series has always been to show the ascension of a young Bruce Wayne from violence to vigilante, with no appearance from the actual Bat - seeing as Bruce (David Mazouz) is currently a young teenager on the show.

However, thanks to one of the show's stars, we now have a better idea of just when Bruce could don the cape and cowl in Gotham... and it turns out it might be as early as season two, no less!

The Gotham panel at Wizard World Chicago has had a lot of reveals, most of which centered around a new powerful foe (possibly Ra's Al Ghul) coming to town for the "Rise of the Villains" theme of the second season. We did also get confirmation that Batman would someday appear on the series, which came in the form of a statement from the man that plays the soon to be Commissioner, James Gordon, actor Ben McKenzie:

"The last frame of the last shot of the last scene of the last episode of Gotham, whatever season that may be, is Bruce putting on that cape."

Gotham has yet to be renewed for a third season, so when exactly the show will end and give us this big Batman reveal, no one knows.

The landscape of modern superhero television shows has changed significantly over the past few years. Viewers had to watch the Superman prequel series Smallville for ten years, waiting on the edge of their collective seats to relish that magical moment when Tom Welling would finally don the red cape and blue tights and realize his destiny as the Man of Steel. A recent change in DC series like Arrow, The Flash and now Supergirl puts fans right into the mix, costumes and all.

Gotham Bruce Wayne at Wayne Enterprises

This old formula that Gotham is employing has become a rarity. Warner Bros. will allow the less popular heroes to get full-reveal television shows, but they appear to be keeping their biggest players, Batman and Superman, under tight control for the time being.

In all fairness to DC Comics, Marvel hasn't done much different on network television, giving fans Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a show based on side characters from their feature films that showcases none of their major box office draws. Netflix, on the other hand, has the Daredevil series, which has become an instant hit amongst fans even though its eponymous hero didn't get his proper costume until the end of the show's first season.

What Gotham is doing, telling the full beginning of the Batman, is certainly an important gap to fill and one that is rarely fleshed out to this degree of detail. Gotham may hold off on the big Batman reveal until the series end, whenever that may be, but perhaps young Bruce's continuing story will become all the more compelling in the episode ahead ( to help pass the time, so to speak).

Gotham season 2 premieres Monday, September 21 at 8:00 PM ET/PT.


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