'Gotham': Harvey Dent Actor Talks Two-Face & Trying to be 'The White Knight'

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Despite a somewhat mixed reaction from critics and die-hard DC fans, Fox's Gotham has been a major success for the network - causing executives to green light six more episodes in season 1. The bump from sixteen to twenty-two full episodes was a major vote of confidence - especially for a network that is known for canceling fan-favorite shows prematurely (see: Almost Human and Firefly). What exactly the Gotham writers will do with those extra installments is unclear - given that showrunner Bruno Heller had previously claimed they'd carefully mapped out a sixteen chapter arc.

However, that doesn't mean that we don't have any idea of where the show will be headed in its freshman season - after executive producer, Danny Cannon, revealed that both serial killer Victor Zsasz and do-gooder (but eventual supervillain) Harvey Dent would be appearing in the very near future - specifically episode 7 and 9, respectively. While we still have a few more shows to watch before Zsasz arrives on screen, today we're getting a sneak peek at Harvey Dent - as actor Nicholas D’Agosto (Masters of Sex) opened up about his iconic character.

Speaking to DC All-Access, D’Agosto claims that his Harvey Dent is young and ambitious - trying to do the right thing and be Gotham's "White Knight". Still, the actor asserts that elements of Two-Face are already kicking around inside Dent - who, D’Agosto promises, can be very jealous and prone to anger.

Check out the full behind-the-scenes interview with D’Agosto (along with star Ben McKenzie) below:

In addition, IGN received an exclusive clip from the interview - where the actor details the relationship between Dent and McKenzie's Detective Gordon:

As with the casting of most fan-favorite comic book characters, the announcement that D’Agosto would portray Harvey Dent (and eventually Two-Face) was met with the now standard mix of supporters and skeptics - especially given that, like many of the characters on Gotham, he's significantly older than young Bruce Wayne. Still, this Harvey Dent will just be starting out his career as an assistant District Attorney - meaning that the character will be in his mid-twenties (and, subsequently, late thirties when Batman appears on the scene).

In case you missed the original casting announcement, here's the reported details on Gotham's Dent:

In the Batman prequel series, based on the DC characters, Harvey Dent is a bright, charming, idealistic Assistant District Attorney whose sole mission is to eradicate the crime and corruption that has poisoned Gotham. Although he will one day serve as the white knight Gotham needs so badly as a DA, Dent also gives us a fleeting glimpse of the hideous villain he will become — Two-Face.

Gotham Casts Harvey Dent Nicholas D’Agosto

Regardless, the actor (who was also slated for a role in CBS' now cancelled How I Met Your Mother spin-off, How I Met Your Dad) has proven himself in several high-profile TV series including Heroes, The Office, and most recently Masters of Sex - making him a smart addition to an already star-studded cast.

In the DC All-Access interview, D’Agosto appears in-costume (we also get to see a brief glimpse of footage from an upcoming episode) but the conversation is mainly focused on who Dent will be at the time of his introduction - as well as how his internal insecurities and beliefs could pave the way for Two-Face. Fans are even treated to a sneak peek at D’Agosto's coin flipping skills.

Like other future villains (especially Ed Nigma), Gotham viewers shouldn't expect to see a quick transition from Dent to Two-Face - especially since season 1 is laser-focused on The Penguin's rise to power. For now, it sounds as though the writers are merely attempting to flesh-out key Gotham City inhabitants - to ensure that their stories develop in an organic way.

Two Face Dark Knight Movie Aaron Eckhart

After all, despite a memorable turn in The Dark Knight, some fans were disappointed that Aaron Eckhart's Harvey Dent wasn't going to return (from the dead) for The Dark Knight Rises - since Two-Face wasn't given much screen time. No doubt, Dent/Two-Face served his function in Nolan's Joker-centric film but that just means it's all the more encouraging that the character will be provided with a longer arc in Gotham.

Of course, we don't yet know how Dent is going to be implemented in the full Gotham storyline (as well as how often he'll actually appear in season 1); still, it makes sense to bring him in early. Given that we're already getting a heavy dose of gangsters and villains each week, a new ally for Gordon, as well as another role model for young Bruce Wayne should help even the odds a bit (at least until his fall from grace) - not to mention provide intriguing opportunities to highlight the overarching themes of the show.

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Gotham is currently airing Monday nights on Fox.

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