'Gotham': First Look at Nicholas D'Agosto as Harvey Dent

Harvey Dent Two Face

The villains of Gotham City aren't waiting for Bruce Wayne to become Batman before making themselves known on Fox's prequel series Gotham. Already the cast boasts characters like Penguin, Edward Nygma and Carmine Falcone, and this week's episode introduced serial killer Victor Zsasz as the latest bad guy out for Detective Jim Gordon's blood.

In fact, things are looking quite one-sided in general for poor Jim Gordon, who is determined to single-handedly chase the corruption out of Gotham City. What Jim really needs is a white knight to help him out, and luckily that's just what he'll get when Nicholas D'Agosto joins the show as the young and incorruptible Harvey Dent in episode 9.

We've already seen D'Agosto being interviewed about his role in the show (an interview that, rather bizarrely, included him attempting to say the name "Harvey Dent" with an increasing number of marshmallows in his mouth), but now EW has revealed the first official stills of D'Agosto in character.

At this point in the Gotham timeline, Harvey Dent is only an assistant district attorney, but it looks like he's already picked up his coin-flipping affectation. One just wonders how his ability to handle a coin menacingly will compare to Aaron Eckhart's from The Dark Knight (we just hope he's a tad bit better at it than Tommy Lee Jones from Batman Forever).

Gotham Harvey Dent Nicholas D’Agosto
Gotham Harvey Dent Nicholas D’Agosto

D'Agosto's last foray into comic book style territory was his appearances on NBC's Heroes, though more recently he's best known for his role on Showtime's Masters of Sex. He also appeared in the pilot episode of How I Met Your Mother spin-off How I Met Your Dad, though since CBS decided to pass on that show his schedule is pretty free for a regular role on Gotham.

Harvey is probably going to be a good guy for the foreseeable future since he doesn't become Two-Face until after rising to the position of district attorney, and until Batman is already on the scene. Of course, Gotham already seems to be playing around with timelines, as Harvey Dent is really supposed to be about the same age as Bruce Wayne. Perhaps he'll take on his comic book villain persona before Bruce even has time to grow out of his awkward teenage phase.

Then again, perhaps his worst crime will be making things very confusing when he and Harvey Bullock are in a room at the same time.

Gotham returns next Monday with “The Mask” @8pm on Fox.

Source: EW

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