'Gotham' TV Show: Donal Logue Rumored to Be in Talks for James Gordon; Actor Denies It

Donal Logue Detective Jim Gordon

Despite his likely anchor role, most of the heat coming off of FOX's potential Gotham series didn't seem to be centered on Jim Gordon during yesterday's network presentation during the TCAs. The word "soap opera" was mentioned and there were revelations about Rogues Gallery origin stories, Bruce Wayne: The Formative Years, and a promised Batman appearance; but while all of those things are important, there isn't a more vital choice then the one facing producer Bruno Heller and his team as they look to cast the right actor to play Jim Gordon. 

As is always the case with coveted roles like this - particularly those that come with comic book attachments - the time between the initial headlines and the official casting announcements have been filled with speculation and rumors. Tonight, it seems like Donal Logue (Terriers, Sons of Anarchy) is the name dujour, but it might not be that simple.

According to Latino Review, Logue has been offered the role of Jim Gordon in Gotham - an interesting choice that ages the character up beyond what most people thought we would see on the show while delivering a notable TV actor with the chops to pull off such a vital role. Trouble is, Logue is denying the rumor directly via Twitter.

@nerdbastards not true! I wish-would be awesome (but who could top Gary Oldman?) From what I heard, Gotham catches Gordon in his late 20's

— donal logue (@donallogue) January 15, 2014

So, does that mean we'll never get a chance to see Logue bring his mix of charm and intensity to Gotham City? Right now it doesn't seem likely, but stranger things have happened than a rumor returning from the grave to prove true. It's possible that wires were crossed and Logue's name was just being bandied about by producers on the show, rather than the actor already being offered the part.

As for the role of Gordon, it seems like the search may need to continue, meaning that all options are again on the table and fans are left to wait while wondering if a choice will and can be made that will convince them to give their hearts to this show before they see a second of footage.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Would you have liked to see Logue as James Gordon?


Gotham is in development and will air on FOX. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for news as it becomes available.

Source: Latino Review, Nerd Bastards, Twitter

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