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The midseason hiatus is more or less over, as one by one everyone's favorite television shows are returning with new episodes. On the small-screen DC Universe side of things, Fox's Batman prequel series Gotham is the first show back; and despite a new face in the form of Dr. Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) and the introduction of a new version of Arkham Asylum, things seem as shaky as ever.

Batman fans remain divided on the show's treatment of elements of the traditional story canon. Nonetheless, delving into untold corners of Gotham City is still a worthy mission, and Gotham is still entertaining enough to overlook some of the rubbery drama.

One valid criticism is Gotham's tendency to cram in too many young versions of famous Batman characters... but, as it were, even more new characters from the comics are on the way.

Vixen Varsity has revealed a slew of images and details revolving around Episode 16 of Gotham, titled 'The Blind Fortune Teller'. The pictures include Instagram photos from the set of Haly's Circus, which fans of comic book lore will recognize as the home of the Flying Graysons - the trapeze artist family whose tragic death will one day lead young Dick Grayson to become the first Robin (and, in time, don the identity of Nightwing).




Actor Rob Gorrie is playing Dick's father John Grayson and posted a picture of the cover of his copy of 'The Blind Fortune Teller' script. The Haly's Circus set is replete with the expected crowd of colorful circus folk, and we have a few of the episode's story details, which will include a love story between John Grayson ("son of a trapeze artist") and Mary Lloyd, "daughter of a clown."

Death of the Flying Graysons

The major plot thread seems to find Gordon and Thompkins visiting the circus to investigate a murder, which leads to Gordon questioning "the ringleader and an evil clown." A fight also supposedly breaks out between clowns and trapeze artists, with Thompkins eventually tending to the injured victims.

The inevitable question here: is it too soon to bring up the Flying Graysons, even with Robin not even a glimmer in his father's eye? Gotham's showrunners must know that Batman fans have been adding up a rough age differential between all these early versions of famous characters and Bruce Wayne - is the inclusion of the young Graysons a lark? Could it be a wink at fans or perhaps something more complicated?

Batman and Robin Court of Owls cover

The New 52 The Night of the Owls comic book story arc included a deep backstory for Dick Grayson and how the origins of his bloodline were deeply interwoven with the history of Gotham and the secret society called the Court of the Owls.

Executive Producer Danny Cannon has vaguely teased their appearance, but they remain villains that fans have been vocal about wanting to see. It may be a longshot, but teasing their appearance late in Season 1 could open up a potentially compelling over-arching storyline for Season 2 (provided the show gets one).

Gotham airs Mondays @ 8pm on Fox.

Source: Vixen Varsity

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