Gotham: A Complete Character Guide for the Fox TV Show

Gotham season 2 will include key character deaths

Gotham returned to our screens this month for its second season, and while some fans aren’t happy to see a Batman-based series without Batman, others are thrilled with what the series is doing for the DC characters. A cop-drama, rather than a straight up superhero show (like many of the other DC offerings on TV at the moment), the show centers on a young James Gordon as he works his way through the ranks of the Gotham City Police Department.

The series also puts a new spin on the origins of many of our favorite characters from the Batman comics: from heroes (including Bruce Wayne himself) to well-known villains like Penguin, Riddler and Poison Ivy. While some of these characters deviate hugely from their source material, others stay fairly true to the books, but all of them give us a fascinating look at Gotham before the Dark Knight arrived to try and save it.

This guide takes a look at some of the biggest names in the series, both their comic origins and the new Gotham twists. Here is a Complete Character Guide for TV's Gotham.

16 Bruce Wayne

Gotham David Mazouz Bruce Wayne

Portrayed By: David Mazouz (Touch, The Games Maker)

Hero or Villain: Hero

Appearing in: 44 Episodes

Comic Book Origins: In future, Bruce Wayne becomes the vigilante of Gotham: Batman. His history as a comic book superhero is well-known, detailed and incredibly complex, but his time as a young child isn’t quite as well-documented (for obvious reasons). He loses his parents at the age of eleven, during a mugging in “Crime Alley” on the way home from a family outing. Despite his youth, he wasn't adopted by another faimly, thanks to the efforts of Alfred, his butler, and Dr Leslie Thompkins. He vowed to avenge the death of his parents, and at age fourteen, began his long training to become the Dark Knight. He travelled the world learning combat styles, criminology, psychology and forensics before returning to Gotham to begin his work as a vigilante.

On Screen: Thus far, the Bruce we have met in Gotham stays pretty true to the source material. We are introduced to him just before the murder of his parents, which takes place as the family are heading home together. However, the series makes much more of the murder than most of the comics do: from the beginning we understand that this is part of a much larger plot by powerful people, not simply a mugging-gone-wrong. Bruce also meets Jim Gordon much earlier in the show, as the rookie detective is called to the scene of the crime, and comforts him there. Our young Bruce becomes obsessed with finding the killers – dropping out of school to research everything he can about his family and company, and searching for answers anywhere he can find them. This obsessive personality drives him to start training as well; rather than embarking on the international journey as he does in the comics, he tries to begin training himself to live without fear. By the second season, Alfred has taken over his training, and his research has led him to a conspiracy in Wayne Enterprises and a secret room under his mansion (a nod to the Batcave).

He is obsessive, often cold, and acts far older than his age- all of which fit with the personality of the Dark Knight. However, he also shows his youth at times; he can be hesitant and is often at the mercy of his emotions. He is also coping with all the joys of puberty in the series - including awkward teenage encounters with girls of his own age.

15 Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred Pennyworth - Gotham Character Guide

Portrayed By: Sean Pertwee (Elementary, Equilibrium)

Hero or Villain: Hero

Appearing In: 44 Episodes

Comic Book Origins: Alfred is Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler, as his father and grandfather were before him. However, when he was younger he didn’t want to follow the family tradition, instead spending time as both an actor and as a soldier/agent for the British government. He came to Wayne Manor after his father died, and remained after the death of the Waynes in order to raise Bruce with the help of Dr Leslie Thompkins. He and Leslie also have a romantic history. While Alfred does help Bruce when he is a child being bullied, he isn’t initially involved with his training to become the Batman. However, once he discovers the secret, he becomes a huge help to Bruce; covering for him, helping him, and stitching him up when he is injured.

On Screen: The Alfred we see in Gotham is a much more aggressive and powerful man than previous portrayals. There is no real mention of how he came to work at Wayne Manor, although it’s possible that the family history of serving is still present. However, his background as a soldier is discussed in depth – a member of the British Special Air Service, he has seen battle and is described by an old friend as a “cold-blooded war dog”. He certainly knows how to fight, as well as how to build a bomb, which he helps Bruce do at the end of Season One. He is heavily involved in Bruce’s training (largely as an attempt to protect him), teaching him boxing, fighting, and sharing his military expertise. Alfred doesn’t currently have a love interest, but he does reveal an attraction to Leslie Thompkins when they first meet – a nod to his comic book origins.

Alfred is loyal, well-mannered and incredibly disciplined. However, he struggles at times with being a parental figure for Bruce; wanting to help him achieve his goals and keep him safe at the same time. He is deeply attached to the Wayne family, and considers them his own family.

14 James Gordon

Portrayed By: Ben McKenzie (Southland, The OC)

Hero or Villain: Hero

Appearing In: 44 Episodes

Comic Book Origins: Police Commissioner James (Jim) Gordon started out as a Special Forces veteran from Chicago, who was transferred to Gotham as a Detective. He quickly discovered that he was one of the few honest cops in town, and turned to Batman for help. He rose to the rank of Commissioner, and remains one of Batman’s staunchest supporters (although not always publicly). Jim Gordon was married to Barbara (nee Kean) when they first moved to town, and has a son, James Jr.

On Screen: Obviously much younger than his comic-book counterpart, James Gordon is currently a homicide detective for the GCPD (although he has been ousted from this position to be a beat cop and a prison guard in the past). Born and raised in Gotham, he left to become a soldier, and returned a war hero. He joins the police department, and is assigned to the murder of the Waynes, where he meets Bruce and develops a relationship with him. After discovering that the GCPD was crooked to the core, he decided to try and change things from within, but has come up against constant opposition (much of it from his partner, Harvey Bullock). He develops an interesting relationship with Penguin, often using him for information, and has even done him some favors in return. However, Gordon makes no secret of his dislike for their strange partnership.

When we first meet Jim, he is in a relationship with Barbara Kean, but their romance sours as Jim is keeping secrets about his work from her. During his stint as a guard at Arkham, he meets and falls for Dr Leslie Thompkins, and the two are currently together.

Gordon is a true believer in the power of good, and has only the best intentions of serving and protecting the city of Gotham. However, he is learning that this may not be as simple as it seems, and has started to play in the moral grey area in recent episodes.

13 Harvey Bullock

Harvey Bolluck - Gotham Character Guide

Portrayed By: Donal Logue (Law & Order, The Patriot)

Hero or Villain: On the Heroes side, but crooked

Appearing In: 44 Episodes

Comic Book Origins: Although Harvey Bullock is a cop, he’s definitely not always been on the up and up. Bullock had a reputation for taking bribes, using excessive force to get information, and working with criminals. However, he has always respected and supported Jim Gordon, and Gordon influenced him to become a better man, and a more honest police officer.

On Screen: Harvey Bullock is the experienced GCPD officer who is assigned to partner with naïve Jim Gordon when he joins the force. He repeatedly tells Jim to accept the way things are done in Gotham City, and makes no secret of the fact that he is in league with the various crime families who run the city. Like his comic book counterpart, he is inspired for the better by Gordon, although he remains unimpressed with his partner’s strong moral code. We discover during the first season that Bullock was not always this way, and that he was once very much like Jim, but that years of serving in Gotham (and a particularly brutal trap that led to his previous partner becoming paralyzed) have changed him. Although he briefly left the force rather than accept a demotion, Gordon has brought him back on in the beginning of Season Two.

While Bullock appears jaded and self-serving at times, we often see another side of him that desperately wants to help Gotham. He has a strong sense of duty, but he’s become used to dealing with the less savory elements of the city, and isn’t afraid to break the rules.

12 Selina Kyle

Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle in Gotham

Portrayed By: Camren Bicondova (Girl House, Battlefield America)

Hero or Villain: Villain-in-the-making

Appearing In: 44 Episodes

Comic Book Origins: Born and raised in the slums of Gotham, Selina Kyle had a difficult time for most of her life. Her parents were neglectful and abusive, and after their deaths (one by suicide, the other by alcohol poisoning), she ran away from home rather than be sent into care. Living on the streets for much of her life, she became a thief, and later, a prostitute in order to survive. She later stumbled on and trained at a secret martial arts academy, which launch her skills to supervillain level, and she takes on the persona of Catwoman. Throughout their interactions, Catwoman and Batman have a love-hate relationship. He cannot accept her life of crime, but they have a certain romance and attraction nonetheless.

On Screen: Selina Kyle is a street kid in Gotham, but her past is a closely guarded secret. It’s suggested that she is an orphan, but also that she believes that her mother may be alive. She survives by stealing, and has already discovered that she can dress up to pass through high-end events and pilfer from the rich attendees. She’s also a talented gymnast. She witnessed the death of the Waynes, and this brings her into contact with Bruce. He wants her to testify in court, and although she initially agrees, she backs out when her life is put in danger. She also meets Detective Gordon through her connection to the Wayne murder, and alternates between helping him, running away from him, and relying on him for help.

She appears to have few friends, although she takes care of Ivy Pepper on occasion, once bringing her to stay in Barbara Kean’s empty apartment. She is, however, incredibly interested in Bruce, and the two have something of a friendship. At times, there appears to be a blossoming romance between them, and she helps him with his investigations. At others, however, she pushes him away; reminding him that she is a street kid and a thief, not his friend at all.

Selina is morally ambiguous, doing whatever it takes to survive on the streets. However, she often appears vulnerable and in search of somewhere to fit in; she seems torn between wanting friends and not, and between pride and shame at her actions (including killing a man who could hurt her and Bruce). She also seems to gravitate toward leaders - first, joining Fish Mooney in her attempt to take over Gotham, and now moving over to Penguin’s side.

11 Edward (Ed) Nygma

Edward Nygma - Things We Want to See in Gotham Season 2

Portrayed By: Cory Michael Smith (Carol, Camp X-Ray)

Hero or Villain: Villain-to-be

Appearing In: 44 Episodes

Comic Book Origins: Originally Edward Nashton, Ed was a child fascinated equally with attention and with puzzles. He was constantly asking questions, annoying the adults around him with his need to know the answers to everything. He first turned to minor crime in an attempt to win a puzzle-solving contest at school, when he broke into the building at night to work on the puzzle. Although he won the contest, he didn’t get the admiration of his peers that he wanted - instead, he was bullied. Still, he continued to be fascinated with puzzles, and as a middle-class worker, he turned to crime as a way of having fun. He incorporated his love of problem-solving and his desire for fame into his life of crime, becoming The Riddler (and changing his surname to Nygma).

On Screen: We don’t get to see Ed as a child in Gotham, but meet him as a young man working for the GCPD as a forensic scientist. He is incredibly talented, but socially awkward and often finds gruesome crimes a little too fascinating for comfort. He is mocked by many of the officers, and annoys people by frequently speaking in riddles. He has a crush on the department archivist, Miss Kringle (Chelsea Spack), but she initially finds him “creepy,” and tries to politely brush him off. Nygma is persistent in his affections, and discovers that her boyfriend, a cop, is beating her. Driven to madness by his feelings of helplessness and anger, Nygma snaps and murders her her abusive partner.

Ever since this has happened, we are now seeing Ed with a split personality: his original, shy and awkward self is dominant, but a much more powerful, confident (and undoubtedly evil) side to him speaks up inside his head. This is terrifying in many ways, but it also provides him with the confidence to finally approach Miss Kringle for a date in a way that doesn’t frighten or confuse her, and it seems that he may have a romance blooming with her.

Nygma is struggling with his split personality. He wants to be a good person, but is starting to realize that the “bad” side of himself is the one that gets respect and results. He is unfailingly polite, but often completely unaware of social norms, and has a reputation for being odd.

10 Oswald Cobblepot

Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin in Gotham Season 2

Portrayed By: Robin Lord Taylor (Accepted, Another Earth)

Hero or Villain: Villain

Appearing In: 44 Episodes

Comic Book Origins: A villain formed by the cruelty of others, Oswald Cobblepot was hated by almost everyone in his life. His father was disgusted by him, and although his mother loved him to excess, he was bullied by the rest of his family and his peers. Short, squat and with a prominent nose, he was teased for his appearance and told he looked like a bird. He was also teased for always carrying an umbrella, which his mother made him do. He had a deep affinity for birds and animals, which worsened the comparisons and cruelty, but he took solace with his feathered friends. He later turned to a life of crime largely spurred by the desire for revenge against his tormenters, but also by the desire for success. He is involved with a range of criminal businesses, including boxing, smuggling and running a high-end club as a front.

On Screen: One of the central characters of the show, Oswald began as a minor player in Gotham’s criminal underworld, a lackey for Fish Mooney (usually seen carrying her umbrella). Unlike his comic book inspiration, he is tall and skinny, although he retains the prominent, beaky nose. He is nicknamed the Penguin for his looks and his limp. Though he hates the nickname at first, he later embraces the title. Oswald is revealed to be devious and cunning in his desire to rule Gotham - he plays the crime families against each other (leading to the death of one head and the absconding of the other), is often violent but also unfailingly polite (in quite a terrifying way).

By Season 2, Penguin has largely succeeded in rising to the top of the criminal element in the city after believing that he has killed his last competitor (Fish Mooney), but has new competition in the form of the Galavans. Oswald doesn’t have any romantic entanglements, but he does have an unhealthily close relationship with his mother, Gertrude Kapelput (Carol Kane).

He is smart, vicious and utterly brutal when he wants to be. However, Penguin is also unpredictable and sensitive about his position.

9 Barbara Kean

Barbar Kean - Gotham Character Guide

Portrayed By: Erin Richards (The Quiet Ones, Open Grave)

Hero or Villain: Villain

Appearing In: 44 Episodes

Comic Book Origin: The wife of Jim Gordon, Barbara Kean is a generally quiet, supportive wife to her husband and mother of his son. Their relationship isn’t always easy, but she sticks by him, even when he has an affair with a woman named Sarah Essen. In some story arcs it is shown that the two eventually do divorce, but for the majority of her appearances she is a steadfast wife for the Commissioner.

On Screen: Barbara is a far more complicated and dark character in Gotham than on the page. The daughter of a rich family, she lives in a gorgeous penthouse apartment in Gotham and runs an art gallery, and is engaged to Jim Gordon. However, their relationship falls apart when Jim is forced to keep secrets about the GCPD and Barbara leaves him. She quickly regrets this decision, but after attempting to call him and hearing Ivy pick up the phone, she assumes he has already moved on and goes to stay with her parents. She tries to return to him a second time, but by that point he had moved on, and she sees him kissing Leslie Thompkins.

Heartbroken, Barbara starts to go off the rails. She becomes involved with a man called The Ogre (Milo Ventimiglia) - a serial killer looking for the perfect woman who will never leave him. It’s revealed that she has a very difficult relationship with her parents, and as she is falling for the Ogre, they pay her family home a visit, where she murders her mother and father. Gordon and the GCPD step in to “rescue” her from the Ogre, killing him in the process. This pushes her completely off the edge, and she attempts to kill Leslie, admits to murdering her parents and is sent to Arkham for her crimes. By Season Two, Barbara is completely deranged, and is broken out of Arkham by the Galavans to work for them. She has a passionate hatred of Leslie, who she believes stole Jim from her, and threatens her whenever she can. Despite this, Barbara currently appears to be in a relationship with Tabitha Galavan.

8 Leslie Thompkins

Leslie Thompkins - Gotham Character Guide

Portrayed By: Morena Baccarin (Homeland, Firefly)

Hero or Villain: Hero

Appearing In: 31 Episodes

Comic Book Origins: Dr Leslie Thompkins is a good friend of the Waynes and a doctor working in Gotham’s slums to try and help the least fortunate of the city. After the death of the Waynes, she comforts Bruce, and joins forces with Alfred to raise him as a young boy. She is a friend to Catwoman, and has something of a romantic relationship with Alfred.

On Screen: Dr Thompkins is currently the Gotham medical examiner, but we first met her working at Arkham asylum while Jim was a guard there. She often helps Jim with cases, and offered to counsel Barbara after her ordeal at the hands of the Ogre (of course, Barbara was insane by this point, and her counselling sessions ended in a murder attempt). She is Jim’s girlfriend, and seems unphased by how dangerous his work can be.

Leslie is unfailingly kind and caring, and is involved with charity work as well as her job as the medical examiner. While she is very afraid of Barbara (because she knows that Barbara focuses much of her hatred on Leslie), she refuses to back down or leave Jim because of it.

7 Theo and Tabitha Galavan

Theo and Tabitha Galavan - Gotham Character Guide

Portrayed By: James Frain (The Count of Monte Cristo) Jessica Lucas (Cloverfield)

Hero or Villain: Villains

Appearing In: 22 Episodes

Comic Book Origins: Theo Galavan is not a DC character, but there is plenty of fan speculation as to who he might become in the series. Tabitha Galavan, however, was announced as the Tigress, a character name which has been adopted by three different villainous women in DC. All three are talented, agile and violent, and often hunt with a crossbow.

On Screen: Theo and Tabitha are brother and sister, both part of a long-standing and wealthy family in Gotham. They have recently returned to the city (along with their ward, Silver St. Cloud) to regain their status and influence in Gotham society. In public, Theo is a charming and brave gentleman, who leaps to the rescue when a charity event is taken over by Jerome and Barbara. After this stunning entrance, he announced his plans to run for mayor of Gotham.

However, behind the scenes it is revealed that Theo and Tabitha are planning to take over Gotham by force. They free Barbara, Jerome and several other criminals from Arkham and put them to work, and as Theo announces that he will be running for mayor, he simultaneously arranges hits on the other candidates and a “botched” attempt on himself. Tabitha plays a smaller role at the moment; she acts as a messenger and is romantically involved with Barbara.

Both siblings are clearly very disturbed, and Tabitha especially takes great pleasure in inflicting pain on others. Theo keeps her in check, and is clearly the one in charge.

6 Fish Mooney

Fish Mooney - Gotham Character Guide

Portrayed By: Jada Pinkett Smith (Collateral, Madagascar)

Hero or Villain: Villain

Appearing In: 22 Episodes

Comic Book Origins: Fish Mooney is a character created for the show, so has no comic book precedent.

On Screen: Fish Mooney is a major player in the criminal underworld of Gotham. As a child, her mother was a prostitute, killed by one of Falcone’s men who was also a customer. She witnessed this from behind a curtain, and it was this that inspired her desire for power and her refusal to be subservient to a man. As an adult, she ran a nightclub for Gotham gangster Carmine Falcone, and employed Oswald Cobblepot as her umbrella-holder. Despite working for Falcone, she was secretly plotting against him and intending to take over his business.

She worked with Harvey Bullock at times, giving him tips in return for an understanding that the police wouldn’t bother her. Fish is later kidnapped by the Dollmaker (Colm Feore) - a terrifying man who keeps human captives on an island for use as spare parts. She manages to escape only after convincing him that she could be useful, and losing an eye in the process (one which he replaces, giving her one brown eye and one blue). After heading back to Gotham to try and take over the crime families, she ends up shooting Maroni (David Zayas) in the face, and then grappling with Penguin on a rooftop. Penguin manages to throw her off the roof, and she is presumed dead… although she fell into water, which means there is a solid chance of her returning at a later date.

Fish Mooney was cold, calculating, and utterly ruthless. She was often incredibly violent and proved her mettle time and time again – not least when she destroys her own eye rather than having the Dollmaker take it from her. Despite all this, there were moments where she seemed to have a softer side.

5 Lucius Fox

Lucius Fox - Gotham Character Guide

Portrayed By: Chris Chalk (12 Years a Slave, Rent)

Hero or Villain: Hero

Appearing In: 22 Episodes

Comic Book Origins: Lucius Fox is the CEO and President of Wayne Enterprises, and a good friend of Bruce Wayne. A graduate of Morton business school, he is an incredibly intelligent and sought-after businessman, who has also traveled widely. While Lucius doesn’t officially know of Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, he also isn’t fooled by his playboy persona.

On Screen: A junior executive at Wayne Enterprises, Lucius meets Bruce at the company, and reveals himself as an ally and a friend of his father. He tells Bruce that his father kept secrets, and gives him a clue about where to look in his investigation when he says that his father “was a stoic.” He’s also aware that he is being watched at Wayne Enterprises, and warns Bruce of the cameras there. In Season 2, Lucius is recruited to help Bruce and Alfred repair the computer that they find in the secret room under the study.

4 Harvey Dent

Harvey Dent - Gotham Character Guide

Portrayed By: Nicholas D’Agostino (Final Destination, Heroes)

Hero or Villain: Current Hero, presumed future Villain

Appearing In: 21 Episodes

Comic Book Origins: Harvey had a less-than-happy upbringing in Gotham, with an abusive and alcoholic father and a slew of mental health issues. Despite this poor start in life, Dent was able to work his way through law school, and from there, eventually became District Attorney. He was a strong supporter of Batman, and was passionate about upholding the law and doing good for the city. However, during a trial for Sal Maroni, the gangster threw acid in his face, leaving him with horrible burns down one side. After this, Harvey lost his mind, becoming a vicious criminal. The combination of the loss of half his face and the memory of the coin his father used to flip to see if he had a “chance” of not being beaten, Dent became obsessed with chance and duality. He often used that same coin flip with his victims, and took on the name Two-Face.

On Screen: Thus far, Harvey is still solidly on the side of good in Gotham, working as a young Assistant DA. He and James Gordon have worked together on the Wayne case, and get along well, given their similar attitudes toward honesty and integrity. Harvey is also unwilling to accept the corrupt situation in Gotham, and has high ideals of the justice system. However, in his enthusiasm, he was responsible for leaking the location of Selina Kyle when she was waiting to testify as an eyewitness in the Wayne murders. This led to her rescinding her offer to go on the stand, and did serious damage to the case. While Harvey and Jim still get along, there is now some tension between the two.

Harvey appears to be principled and kind, but it is revealed that he does have a darker side. His hatred of the criminal element is almost overwhelming at times, and he can become quite aggressive when worked up about it. This will no doubt be developed further as the series progresses.

3 Ivy Pepper

Ivy Pepper - Gotham Character Guide

Portrayed By: Clare Foley (Southpaw, Win Win)

Hero or Villain: Neutral, presumed future villain

Appearing In: 7 Episodes

Comic Book Origins: Pamela Isley is a brilliant but shy botanical biochemist from a wealthy family. Emotionally withdrawn, even from her family, she came into her own during college where she discovered a natural talent with plants. However, she went to work for a brilliant but deranged scientist, who experimented on her in an attempt to turn her into a plant-human hybrid. She used her new abilities to become a career criminal, using her ill-gotten-gains to fund various environmental initiatives and eco-terrorism projects under the moniker "Poison Ivy."

On Screen: With her name changed in the series to Ivy Pepper, thus far Miss Ivy has been quite a minor character. It was her father who was framed for the murder of the Waynes, and she met James Gordon while he was investigating the case. After her father was shot dead by Harvey Bullock (and officially blamed for the Waynes' murders), her mother killed herself, leaving Ivy an orphan and street kid of Gotham. Her home life was clearly violent, and she appears as a very shy and withdrawn girl. While many of the other kids on the streets avoid her, and even seem slightly afraid of her, she has a friendship of sorts with Selina Kyle, and meets Bruce Wayne through her. At one point, she and Selina move into Barbara’s apartment when she isn’t there, and when Barbara eventually returns, she allows the girls to stay with her for a while.

Ivy has faded into the background of the show for the moment, but there is little doubt that she will come to the fore at some point in the future. Fans also speculate about possible reasons for her name change, and whether she may change her name to Pamela Isley down the line.

2 Jerome Valeska

Gotham season 2 - Cameron Monaghan as Jerome

Portrayed By: Cameron Monaghan (Shameless, The Giver)

Hero or Villain: Villain

Appearing In: 4 Episodes

Comic Book Origins: While Jerome Valeska is not a name from the DC universe, the general assumption during his tenure on the show was that he was actually Gotham’s Joker. Batman’s arch-nemesis, the origin of the Joker is shrouded in mystery. It’s generally accepted that he was a criminal known as the Red Hood before he fell into a vat of chemicals, which altered his appearance to that of the Joker that we all know (at least this is the story told in Alan Moore's influential The Killing Joke). Some origin stories place him as a struggling comedian, others as a lab worker, or a gangster. Joker himself has presented a few different potential origins, and even said that he can’t remember who he was before he was the Joker.

On Screen: Jerome Valeska was a member of a travelling circus where his promiscuous mother was the snake dancer. When she is murdered, Jim Gordon comes to investigate (with the help of Leslie Thompkins) and meets Jerome, who appears to be broken-hearted over her loss. As the story progresses, it is revealed that Jerome is actually her murderer, and seemingly criminally insane. He is sent to Arkham, but broken out by the Galavans, at which point he takes over as the leader of the Maniax, carrying out Theo’s wishes. He is a smart young man and a born showman, and Theo is impressed with his work. Finally, he holds a charity gala hostage as part of a plan to show Theo as a hero of Gotham, believing that he will escape and continue to wreak havoc. Instead, Theo betrays him, murdering him on stage.

It’s been suggested that the showrunners are intentionally providing multiple Joker-style figures in order to pay homage to his mysterious origins in the comics. Earlier in the series, we also see a struggling comedian at Fish Mooney’s club, which gave rise to the theory that he could also be a potential Joker. Jerome was also told that he would leave a legacy of “death and madness”, and as the episode of his death draws to a close, we see multiple people in Gotham seemingly inspired by him, going out to do harm in the city streets. It seems that the question of Gotham’s Joker is yet to be answered.

1 Conclusion

Cameron Monaghan in 'Gotham'

As the show continues, we are sure to see more characters from the Batman mythology emerge (and undoubtedly, a few characters on this list will leave the show as well). Mr Freeze is slated to appear in this season, and Silver St Cloud has already made her debut. There remains the question of who will become the Joker, if the Flying Graysons will return, and if Theo Galavan and Fish Mooney could become recognizable faces over time.

However, that is the beauty of a show that is putting a new spin on such a rich and complex mythology – the possibilities are almost endless.

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