First 'Gotham' Cast Photo & 'Flash' TV Series Poster Revealed

The first cast photo for Fox's 'Gotham' has arrived, alongside another promotional poster for The CW's 'Flash.'

Gotham Cast Photo Flash TV Show Poster

Fans of DC Comics have survived on rumors and far-off planning for comic adaptations for some time, but the marketing for both Fox's Gotham and The Flash is finally starting to heat up. The latest update comes in the form of the very first photo of the ensemble cast of the Batman-based cop drama, and another look at the suit and title style of Grant Gustin's super-speedy spin-off of The CW's Arrow.

The networks have timed their reveals to coincide with some good news for each TV adaptation: Batman fans are still dissecting the very first Gotham trailer introducing Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and the colorful cast of characters surrounding him, and The CW has officially issued a full season order for the Flash spin-off. It's still difficult to tell what kind of tone or direction the superpowered series will take, but the first cast photo of Gotham fits the pitched tone and premise exactly as advertised.


Gotham TV Show Cast Photo

The first photo should calm the fears of fans who hoped the series wouldn't simply look to capitalize on the name recognition of 'Bruce Wayne' - fears bolstered when the first trailer featured Wayne (David Mazouz) prominently, despite Gotham being originally advertised as 'Jim Gordon's story.' The young orphan and his trusted butler are present in the photo, but it's Gordon and Detective Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) that stand center stage, between the criminals of Gotham and the future vigilante (figuratively, and literally).

Besides supporting Logue's claim that the pair's partnership will form the core conflict of the series, those somewhat weary of Batman's origin story will be relieved to see the character forced to the background (at least for now). Recent comments from the showrunner have assured those looking for a dark, violent cop drama that Gotham was never conceived as a Bruce-centered project, so let's hope this image is further evidence.

While Batman fans prepare to step into a dark and gloomy world without superpowers, another superhero is set to step out of the gloomy world of The CW's Arrow. Take a look at the new poster for The Flash below:

The Flash TV Show Poster

It's unlikely that any news item pertaining to The Flash will be able to match the discussion spawned with the first costume reveal of Grant Gustin's scarlet speedster, which proved somewhat divisive among fans for its Arrow/Smallville hybrid design. Wherever you fall on the issue, it's clear that The CW is marketing the series as almost a polar opposite to the dark, brooding Green Arrow adaptation. Whether the suit, the tone - or the logo - can capture the same audience as their existing DC series, or attract a new one remains to be seen.

What do you think of the marketing for the shows? Does it seem each has an audience they're targeting, or are you waiting to see a bit more before passing judgement on either? Share our thoughts in the comments.


The Flash is expected to air on The CW in the fall of 2014. Gotham is in development and expected to premiere on FOX in Fall 2014.

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Source: Ben McKenzie, The CW

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