New 'Gotham' Image Reveals Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon

New ‘Gotham’ Image Reveals Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon

The story of Batman has been told repeatedly over the decades in comic books, animation, and movies, but surprisingly, little time has been spent on the people who would eventually have the most impact on the Caped Crusader, for better or for worse. This is where Fox's Gotham hopes to bridge the gap by introducing a city before it had a dark knight.

So far, we've gotten official looks at the show's take on Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin), Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Detective Harvey Bullock, and Bruce Wayne’s butler and confidante, Alfred Pennyworth. But the main protagonist - Detective James Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie - has yet to be revealed...that is, until now.

Though unofficial set photos of McKenzie's Gordon leaked last week, today we got our first official look at the man who is destined to become Batman's greatest asset. Check it out below:


Ben McKenzie as James Gordon in Gotham

Gordon, pictured above without his trademark mustache and glasses - which we can only assume he'll gain with age and by squinting through the darkness at criminals in the dead of night - appears to be idealistic and hopeful that he can restore the city to what he remembers as a kid when his late father served as a district attorney. He has yet to learn about the dark dealings going on between Gotham's finest and worst.

At his age, McKenzie looks like just the right amount of innocent and weathered to portray a Detective on the cusp of a turbulent time in his life. After starring as a troubled teen on The O.C., playing a police officer on Southland, and voicing Batman himself in the animated movie Batman: Year One, it's almost fate that McKenzie is now graduating into the role of young Gordon on Gotham.

Gary Oldman Commisioner Gordon The Dark Knight Rises

Practically every incarnation of Batman has seen a Gordon by his side, whether as a fully trusting accomplice or as a skeptical but respectful cohort. Most notably in Christopher Nolan's recent trilogy, Gary Oldman played the character as a man out for justice who ended up haunted by the choices he had to make for the city. Will we see something similar in Gotham? Only time will tell.

So are you liking the fresh look of McKenzie's James Gordon or do would you prefer he be sporting a mustache, glasses, and a coat? Let us know in the comments.


Gotham is in development and expected to premiere on Fox in Fall 2014.

Source: Fox

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