Gotham Fan Art Puts Batman: Animated Series Spin On Cast

Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith in Gotham

Gotham fan Rick Celis has given the show's ensemble an animated twist by rendering the characters into the style of Batman: The Animated Series. With Gotham's fourth season due out later this year, fans are eagerly looking forward to the continued adventures of Jim Gordon and co., especially since David Mazouz's Bruce Wayne has finally begun his path to being the Caped Crusader in earnest and the threat of Ra's al Ghul looms menacingly in the background.

Arguably, Gotham is the most successful Batman television property since Batman: The Animated Series. Despite first airing over two decades ago, the cartoon is still fondly remembered by legions of Batman fans. Not only did the show give us Mark Hamill's fantastic interpretation of The Joker but it also gave rise to the now iconic Harley Quinn, featured an amazing opening sequence and later led to the widely lauded movie, Mask of the Phantasm.

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Now, thanks to artist Rick Celis, the worlds of Gotham and Batman: The Animated Series have collided in spectacular fashion. Celis has taken a bunch of Gotham's cast and drawn them in the style of the cartoon series, complete with each actor's uncanny likeness. You can check out James Gordon, The Penguin and The Riddler below and Celis' Twitter page also includes the likes of Fish Mooney, Poison Ivy and Alfred Pennyworth, among many others.

#Gotham The Animated Series - @ben_mckenzie as James Gordon #BatmanTAS

— Rick Celis (@RickCelis) July 11, 2017

#Gotham The Animated Series - @robinlordtaylor as Oswald #BatmanTas #Batman


— Rick Celis (@RickCelis) August 1, 2017

#Gotham The Animated Series - @mister_CMS as Edward #BatmanTas #Batman


— Rick Celis (@RickCelis) August 2, 2017

The pieces are sure to be a delight for anyone who grew up watching the animated version of the Dark Knight and may also perhaps provide an opportunity for younger fans to seek out the original '90s series, ahead of Gotham's return in September. Rick has been asking his Twitter followers which character they want to be drawn next - so if there's a favorite you'd like to see in animated form, head over and give the guy a tweet.

Interestingly, Celis may have more characters to chose from once the show does return, as it has been confirmed that The Scarecrow will be a significant villain this time around. Although the character appeared as a youngster in Gotham's first season, the character will seemingly now be in full baddie mode, wreaking havoc across the city and many fans are surely eager to see the show's take on the classic villain.

With that said, is Gotham in danger of falling into the "too many villains" trap? The Scarecrow is the latest in a long line of active evil-doers that includes Penguin, Riddler, Ra's al Ghul, Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy, Cyrus Gold and Catwoman, with others such as Jerome Valeska (Joker?) also rumored to appear.

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Gotham season 4 premieres September 21st on FOX

Source: Rick Celis

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