Alfred Actor Wanted A Gotham Romance

The actor who plays Alfred on Gotham wishes his character had gotten a romance. Fox's Gotham, the dark and campy TV series chronicling the early days of the Batman mythology, is coming up to its final season - and everything is going to be wrapping up for the characters. The fifth and final season is also going to be a short one, which means that Gotham has got a lot to pack into only ten episodes. Season four ended with the evacuation of Gotham City, except for the criminals, monsters and a few heroes who have stayed behind to battle the darkness, but the fifth season will end with a flash forward to the Batman (and the Gotham) that we know and love from the comics. It's a lot of ground to cover, and that means an action packed season five to look forward to.

At New York Comic Con, ScreenRant spoke with the cast of the show, including Sean Pertwee, who plays loyal (and tough) butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred has been through a lot since the show began - he's trained Bruce, been kicked out by him, nearly been killed by an old friend, and is now back at Bruce's side. However, season five isn't going to be any easier for the character (it's been confirmed that he'll have his back broken in a showdown with Bane), and he's also going to finish the series without ever managing to get lucky in love...

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At NYCC, Pertwee was asked about the possibility of seeing Alfred in love, and he confirmed that he would have liked to see his character getting a little luckier on the show:

SR: Were there any elements of the character that you wish you'd been able to explore more on Gotham, for example, his love life or relationships?

SP: Exactly! Thank you very much for noticing. Yeah, I sort of met a girl that I liked and she died about three pages later. And I thought we were going to go down that path with the beautiful Leslie Thompkins. And that didn't work out... and also there was a bizarre moment that wasn't really sort of scripted with Fish Mooney. There was this kind of frisson between us and even Jada [Pinkett-Smith] went 'what was that about?'. I don't know, but that could be interesting, something worth exploring. No, he didn't do well on that front, on Tinder, did he?

Morena Baccarin as Leslie Thompkins Gotham (Lee) infected with Tetch Virus

Many fans also thought that Lee Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) and Alfred were going to have a romance, thanks to a few moments in the show and the characters' history in the comics. In the DC Comics Universe, Alfred and Leslie Thompkins were romantically involved, and while Alfred was clearly a surrogate father to Bruce, Leslie was also something of a mother to him. She has been part of his life since his parents were murdered, and has long stood by Bruce and Alfred. However, in Gotham, Lee is much younger than she is in the comics, and her story is much darker. She was actually given a romance with Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), as well as with the Riddler (Cory Michael Smith), instead of her comic storyline with Alfred.

Of course, it's not too surprising that Alfred didn't get the kind of romance that Pertwee wanted in the show; there simply isn't enough room to explore that. Gotham has a massive cast of characters, from Bruce Wayne to the GCPD to the dozens of villains who populate the show. Alfred's role is largely confined to his relationships with Bruce and Jim, and adding a major romance may have simply been too much ground to cover. However, the character will be getting his own series (although it will not be connected to Gotham, and the character will not be played by Pertwee), so perhaps there's still hope for a small screen romance for this steadfast Batman butler.

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No release date has confirmed as of yet for Gotham season 5, but it's expected to air sometime during the upcoming midseason.

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