5 Actors Who Could Play a Young Bruce Wayne on 'Gotham'

Gotham Young Bruce Wayne Actors

The roles just keep getting filled for Fox's upcoming Gotham TV series, following Jim Gordon - played by Ben McKenzie - in his early days as part of Gotham City's police department. Following that announcement, Fox let the dam burst, announcing the first villain, love interests, and even a brand new Alfred.

Now that Bruce Wayne's iconic butler has been cast, it's all but certain that the 10-year old billionaire rumored to appear as a series regular will be the next role on the docket. Later reports pegged Wayne's age at 12, but the window seems a bit larger now, given the age of both Gordon and Alfred - but even if the age is clearer, who will be cast?

Here is our list of 5 Actors Who Could Play Gotham's Young Bruce Wayne.

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