'Gotham' TV Series: Donal Logue Might Play Harvey Bullock

Just a couple of days ago, we reported on an announcement revolving around a certain juicy bit of casting for Gotham, FOX's in-development TV series taking place in Batman's home city. Scuttlebutt had Donal Logue pegged as the network's choice for the role of Jim Gordon, who would serve as the show's focal point instead of Bruce Wayne; unfortunately, no sooner had we all gotten our hopes up over Logue's potential involvement were they dashed by a single tweet from the actor himself denying that he'd been offered the role.

It seemed like that was all there was to it, but there's a new twist in this story (and take said twist well-salted, as rumors like this always should be). As it happens, Logue was actually approached about playing Harvey Bullock, not Gordon, for the show, which not only makes his rebuttal of the original rumor completely honest but opens up the possibility that he could still have a presence on Gotham. Let us stress, of course, that this doesn't mean anything until official word on the matter comes out from Logue, his PR people, or FOX, but this is a heartening turn of events, to say the least.

Latino Review, the site responsible for breaking the news in the first place, has since corrected their initial bulletin on the subject and made a couple of additional clarifications on the development to boot. Apart from the fact that Logue has been courted to play Bullock, Gotham's pilot also has Bullock written down as a 40-something man who will act as a mentor figure for Gordon.That fits - when Logue rebuffed questions about being extended the Gordon role, he noted that the series puts Gordon in his late twenties.

That would make the highly versatile Logue a strong fit for Bullock; he's in the right age bracket, and no matter what version of Bullock Gotham chooses to portray for the series' run, he's got all the requisite chops to depict every aspect of the character's comic book history. This just leads to the obvious question of who Bullock will be for Gotham's purposes, though unsurprisingly there aren't any details to substantiate any speculation as to the nature of his character for the show.

Is Donal Logue Playing Harvey Bullock?

In the comics, Bullock at one time represented an unscrupulous foil to Gordon's honest cop. The character began as a corrupt lawman, more than happy to accept bribes and all too eager to take a chance to sabotage Gordon in an effort to throw off his career. While he's never been fully portrayed on film, shades of Bullock can be seen in Batman movies dating back to Tim Burton's 1989 picture, all the way up to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight franchise; Batman: The Animated Series had Bullock in the flesh (so to speak), so in a way Gotham will just be keeping up with tradition.

But will Bullock be a villain in the show? If Gotham truly deals with the origin stories of Batman and the various members of his rogue's gallery, then maybe not. Following DC's mid-'80s maxi-series, Crisis on Infinite Earths, the crooked Bullock got straightened out, turning into a loyal friend to Gordon, a sentimental and well-meaning cop despite having a bad reputation outside of the Major Crimes Unit. That seems like a viable background for him in Gotham, but it likely hinges on the direction that the series takes regarding the Caped Crusader and his endless parade of masked foes.

Most likely we'll get a better idea of Bullock's quality - good cop or bad - once we learn more details about the show itself. Either way, having Logue on board seems categorically like a good thing, but again, none of this should be strictly taken as gospel. Logue's tweet only puts him out of the running for Gordon, yes, but that doesn't mean he's a surefire bet for Bullock, either. But this would be a really shrewd, totally note-perfect bit of casting, so it's reasonable for everyone to keep their fingers crossed.


We'll keep you posted on further Gotham news as warranted.

Source:  Latino Review

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