Gotham Actor Would Love TV Cast To Star In A Batman Movie

Sean Pertwee as Alfred

One Gotham actor said he would love for the TV show's cast to star in a live-action Batman movie of their own. When accepting their roles on Gotham, the cast was likely very aware of the fact that they had various sets of shoes to fill from past portrayals on either the big or small screen. Nearly every major Gotham character has been brought to life in a prior Batman film or TV show, in some cases by more than one actor. It's likely that when the series first began, cast members had visions of great past actors like Gary Oldman, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Frank Gorshin dancing through their heads.

In Gotham's three - soon to be four - seasons on the air though, the series' cast has managed to make the roles their own in the eyes of most fans, bringing elements to their particular portrayals not necessarily found in past movie and TV characterizations. As confirmed recently by cast members, Gotham season 4 plans to really ramp up the ongoing evolution of its characters into the icons they will eventually become, including young Bruce Wayne's transformation into Batman.

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While it's hard to predict whether Gotham will get more seasons past four - the latest renewal came pretty late in the season after all - one wonders just how long the cast will get to portray full-fledged versions of characters like Batman, The Riddler, The Joker, Catwoman, The Penguin, and Commissioner Gordon. If Gotham star Sean Pertwee has anything to say about it, the next step would be to make an actual Batman movie starring the cast of the show. When asked about a potential Gotham movie during a recent appearance at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, Pertwee said the following.

"Absolutely. I would love nothing more than to be involved in a cinematic version. The end of this season when they had the two episodes together, that was almost like a movie and I’d like to see more of that."

David Mazouz and Sean Pertwee in Gotham

Based on DC's insistence on keeping the company's movie and TV universes separate so far, a Gotham movie seems highly unlikely, although Pertwee is likely not alone among both the cast and the fans in wanting one. The majority of Gotham's cast has multiple films on their resume, so it's not hard to imagine that they wouldn't adjust quickly to the changes in production style between doing a TV show and doing a feature. Still, the chances of Gotham going theatrical currently seem to be between slim and none.

That said, one wonders if a middle ground could be reached in that respect. Perhaps instead of a theatrical film, Gotham could wrap-up via a TV movie or one that goes direct to video. Doing a movie for TV would enable DC to keep the DCEU and DCTV apart, but also would allow Gotham's creative staff to tell an epic, feature-length story. Only time will tell if Pertwee gets his cinematic wish.

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Gotham returns for season 4 on September 28 on FOX.

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