Gotham Casts Sons of Anarchy's Tommy Flanagan as The Knife

Tommy Flanagan Sons of Anarchy

Gotham season 1 introduced fans to the backstory of Penguin, but it also gave those watching far more than the background on a single Batman villain, as the season also included appearances of fan favorites like the future Riddler, Scarecrow, Catwoman, and even Poison Ivy. Now, it seems season 2 is looking to add more villains to the table, which range from the the well-known Mr. Freeze, to the less widely known Dr. Hugo Strange, all with the intent to have them run amok in a world without Batman.

But as the series continues to add to its already impressive roster of established villains, could-be villains, and soon-to-be villains, it appears Gotham has already cast yet another villain, but this time it's not someone we've seen before in the Batman mythos. is reports that Sons of Anarchy actor Tommy Flanagan will appear on Gotham as The Knife. Flanagan had previously confirmed on Twitter that he was coming to Gotham, but now we have more details concerning his role.

I'm on the next flight to @gotham Send the #Batmobile. I'm driving. #IAintNoJoker @FOXTV #gotham #FOX #Batman

— Tommy Flanagan (@TommyFlanagan) October 9, 2015 also provided a description of the character, saying:

"The Knife is one of Gotham’s most dangerous denizens. His charming, stylish shell and good humor mask a remorseless hitman whose skills are at the service of the highest bidder. He will sit with you, laugh with you, and then cut your throat."

Gotham has featured hitmen on the show before, most notably the character of Victor Zsasz (Anthony Carrigan). But unlike Zsasz, Flanagan's character has no known connection to the existing Batman comics or DC Comics publications. This isn't the first time Gotham added an original villain, since Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) was also invented just for the series. Though perhaps the character will eventually morph into someone more recognizable in the Batman mythos.

The Knife's role sounds sufficiently terrifying, and with Flanagan's skill as an actor, we can probably look forward to a memorable appearance. Additionally, having an original villain might feel like a breath of fresh air amongst an increasingly crowded cast of Batman lowlifes. We'll have to wait and see.

Tommy Flanagan will appear in episode 10 of Gotham season 2 titled 'The Son of Gotham.' Gotham airs on FOX, Mondays at 8 PM EST.


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