Gotham: 10 Things That Need To Happen Before It Ends

This year, Gotham enters its fifth and final season. It's been a long journey for the show that takes a look at the years before Bruce Wayne became Batman when the only thing preventing Gotham from succumbing to chaos were the efforts of Jim Gordon and his allies.

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Gotham is famous for creating important story arcs centering around multiple hero and villain characters. By the time the final episode of the show airs, many such arcs need to reach a satisfying conclusion. Here are 10 things that we hope to see by the end of the show's run:

10 The Return of Renee Montoya

The first season of Gotham introduced use to Renee Montoya, a police officer working alongside Jim Gordon. She enters into an illicit relationship with Jim and looked poised to have a long run on the show. Then she vanished at the end of the season and was never heard from again.

Considering that Montoya in the comics goes on to become the vigilante Question, there's still a lot of potential for the character on the show, and we would love to see her play a return date in a storyline related to her future alter ego.

9 An Explanation About Isabella

One of the first dastardly acts on the part of the future Riddler, Edward Nygma, was to murder his girlfriend Kristen Kringle. But then a woman named Isabella made an appearance on the show, and Nygma became obsessed with her due to her uncanny resemblance to Kristen. Isabella was eventually killed at the hands of Oswald Cobblepot.

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With her death ended any chance of finding out who exactly Isabella was or how she came to bear such a strong resemblance to Kristen. Was she a clone? A long lost twin? An impostor? Now would be the time to let us know, and we're sure Edward Nygma would like to know as well.

8 The Tale Of The Other Bruce

Remember season 3, when we got to see a clone of Bruce? That was pretty freaky, right? Seeing this new Bruce with the long straggly hair, and then having him just disappear from the show without any kind of a fitting farewell? We are informed that the clone's biological makeup is deteriorating, but we never get a definite answer about his eventual fate.

While we hope to see the clone again, we also hope this won't turn into one of those, 'The Bruce we know has actually been a clone all along!' type situation. It didn't work for Spiderman (*cough* Ben Reilly), and it won't work for Batman.

7 The Ascension Of The Penguin

Oswald Cobblepot is one of the show's breakout characters. He starts out as the bullied underling before taking on a more prominent role as a Gotham mob boss. But then the dude got Loki'd. Meaning he started having more sympathetic character arcs that showed him as an anti-hero rather than as a proper villain.

With the final season, we hope to see Oswald finally establish himself as a full-fledged villain who would go on to become one of Batman's most formidable enemies in the coming years.

6 The Joker Resolution

Who is the Joker on the show? Is there actually even a real Joker, or is the Joker more of an archetypical concept, with only pretenders to the throne laying claim to his mantle for brief periods? So far, we have seen two characters who could potentially become the Clown Prince of Crime, only to have them both end up with a different fate than becoming Batman's arch-nemesis in the future.

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So enough with the vacillations, just show us the real Joker already! Even if it is only a glimpse right at the end of the show of a young kid who has seen Gotham descend into chaos, and who subsequently decides that the only way to prosper in such a city is to become an agent of chaos himself.

5 Farewell To Fish Mooney

Fish Mooney was an original character created specifically for the show. She had an important role to play in earlier seasons, and then just kind of disappeared. Considering that our journey into Gotham's criminal underbelly started with Mooney, it only seems fitting that the journey ends in season five with Mooney in the thick of all the action.

Since Mooney technically died, it would take some cartoon logic on the part of the show to bring her back. But it wouldn't be the first time that's happened in the series.

4 Bring Barbara Back Into The Fold

Jim Gordon and his wife Barbara have a pretty important role in the comics as the parents of Batgirl. That is why the two need to get back together before the end of the series so they can get around to conceiving and raising one of Batman's most important allies.

Unfortunately, we have no idea how the show might do that, considering how Barbara has devolved into a straight up supervillain who hates Jim and prefers to hook up with women anyway. We've recently seen Barbara and Jim rekindle their romance in the final season, but they've still got a long way to way towards becoming the parents of Batgirl we know from the comics.

3 A Look At Adult Batman

The creators of the show have promised that before the series wraps up, viewers will take gotten a glimpse of the star of the show who has never actually appeared in any of the episodes: Batman. Of course, given the size and body type of the actor who plays Bruce Wayne, it's unrealistic to expect him to bulk up immediately and start looking like Ben Affleck in Batman V Superman.

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It would be better to have a fresh actor play adult Batman after fast forwarding a decade or so, as is rumored to happen during the finale of the show.

2 The Arrival Of The Moustache

Since the series was supposed to focus on a young, sexy Jim Gordon, we can understand why the creators decided not to add the Ned Flanders mustache to the character that has been his most famous trait through all the movie and comics and cartoons.

But with the final season, we hope to see Jim decide that he would look better with a bit of hair on his upper lip. And so would begin the saga of mustachioed Jim Gordon.

1 A Menacing Bane

Bane's going to be in the final season of the show. The problem is, from what's we've seen so far, this version of Bane isn't going to be particularly intimidating. An air of menace has always been Bane's most defining character trait.

That is how he is able to inspire fear even in Batman. Let us hope that the final form of Bane we get to see on the show carries the suggestion of immense size and brutality coupled with a genius intellect that made Tom Hardy's take on the character so memorable.

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