Gotham, The Gifted & Lucifer Get Season Premiere Dates

Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith in Gotham

The normal broadcast TV season has only been over for about a month, but that isn't stopping networks like FOX from already assigning fall premiere dates to several of its new and returning series. After all, it's never too early to allow fans to plan ahead for the new season, and possibly resolve any DVR conflicts that may be caused by various schedule additions and changes.

Today's update brings news of four FOX premieres likely to be of particular interest to the Screen Rant readership - three of them returning dramas, and the other a brand new show set in the X-Men universe. The returning dramas are Batman prequel Gotham, surprise hit Lucifer, and classic movie adaptation The Exorcist. The new show is The Gifted, which will give FOX the distinction of being the only network to be currently broadcasting both a DC-based series and a Marvel-based series.

As reported by CBM, FOX has assigned the following dates to the four aforementioned series. First up, Gotham returns for season 4 on Thursday, September 28, at 8pm. Secondly, The Exorcist season 2 possesses screens on Friday, September 29, at 9pm. Finally, Lucifer season 3 debuts on Monday, October 2, at 8pm, followed directly by the series premiere of The Gifted at 9pm.

Season 4 will mark Gotham's first outside of its original Mondays at 8pm slot, and one wonders if that move will ultimately prove wise. Thursday is one of the most competitive nights on TV, especially once The Big Bang Theory moves over there following CBS' fall run of Thursday Night Football. It'll also now be up to Lucifer to serve as a strong lead-in for The Gifted, in much the same way Gotham did for Lucifer season 2 last year. Though The Gifted did do some name-dropping in its trailer, everything from the show's title to its overall aesthetic suggest that it's eschewing the comic book branding in favor of more down-to-earth drama. That may broaden its appeal, but could also mean that the show fails to stand out in a crowded fall pilot season.

The Exorcist's was one of the most shocking renewals last month, and it'll be interesting to see if its rather paltry numbers go up the second time out. Either way, contrary to common belief, remaining on Friday nights is probably the best thing for The Exorcist. If it can get renewed once on that night, it can probably do it again, barring a complete collapse in viewership.

Source: CBM

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