The Joker's Coming To Gotham In 'That Old Corpse' Trailer

The Joker is finally coming to Gotham in a new trailer for this week's episode, "That Old Corpse." Although the iconic Batman villain has been rumored to appear in Gotham since its debut season, the true version of the character has only just been revealed on the series. For a long time, viewers were led to believe that Cameron Monaghan's Jerome Valeska was Gotham's young Joker due to his penchant for circus-themed criminality and an insane Mark Hamill-esque laugh but that theory was proved to be wrong.

The character of Jerome took on more and more Jokerisms with each Gotham appearance but the show's fourth season revealed that the identity of The Joker is actually Jerome's twin brother Jeremiah. In the appropriately titled "That's Entertainment," Jerome died after a confrontation with Jim Gordon, thus putting a stop to his plan to afflict everyone in the city with a potent, Scarecrow-brewed laughing gas. Although the day had been saved, Jerome made sure to have the last laugh, as he sent a package to his brother containing an especially nasty version of the gas, transforming him into the insane, white-faced villain who will terrorize Bruce Wayne for years to come.

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Nothing has been seen of Jeremiah since his transformation, but a trailer for the next episode of Gotham "That Old Corpse" promises a continuation of the Joker story. The video (via TV Promos) sees Jim presented with Jerome's Last Will and Testament, which somehow leads to both a celebration of the criminal's life in the middle of GCPD headquarters and a tantalizing confrontation between Jeremiah and Bruce Wayne. The trailer ends with the ominous promise of "he's coming" in a telling purple and green color-scheme.


Intriguingly, the trailer features Jerome uttering the line "you're gonna wanna pay attention so the twist makes sense at the end," which makes for an extraordinary fourth-wall breaking statement given how few Gotham fans saw the Jeremiah twist coming. Although the show has thus far stopped short of explicitly calling Jeremiah The Joker, the trailer makes it abundantly clear that this is the direction Gotham is heading as it rockets towards its season 4 finale.

It's possibly fair to say that for both fans and critics, Gotham season four has been a mixed bag and after last week's focus on the poorly-received 'Barbara is the Demon's Head' angle, it'll likely come as a relief for many to return to more exciting territory with Jerome and his twin brother. However, with Fox yet to confirm whether Gotham will return for a season 5, it could be argued that holding off on revealing The Joker for so long was a poor decision and stripped the Batman prequel series of one of its most valuable assets.

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Gotham season 4 continues with "That Old Corpse" May 3rd on Fox.

Source: Fox (via TV Promos)

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