Gotham Series Finale Trailer: The End Of Batman’s Beginning

Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith in Gotham Season 5

After five seasons, FOX is finally set to bid adieu to Gotham by fulfilling the one promise producers have maintained from the beginning: Batman will only be seen when the series ends. That promise has more or less sustained the series through the seasons, as the campy prequel has shifted from a Jim Gordon-centric tale to one that, like the city for which it is named, is overrun by the eccentric and dangerous criminals that not only populate it, but frequently threaten to watch it all burn. 

The final season of Gotham has seen its cast of proto-villains, as well as the proto-Caped Crusader himself, Bruce Wayne (Daniel Mazouz), defend the city after it was shut off from the outside world, in a re-telling of the ‘No Man’s Land’ storyline from the comics. Like all things on Gotham, this re-telling has welcomed its fair share of changes, like also acting as a kind of ‘Batman: Year Zero’ storyline, as well as introducing a dramatically different version of Bane (Shane West) from what’s been seen before (and that includes Tom Hardy’s version from The Dark Knight Rises). 

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Nevertheless, the truncated final season has soldiered on, setting up the sort of send-off viewers have been calling for since the show premiered back in 2014. And from the look of things, it’ll be the sort of send-off only Gotham can provide. Take a look at the Gotham series finale trailer below: 

The extended series finale trailer works hard to convey the amount of time that’s passed since Bruce left Gotham, swearing to return when he’s ready to be the hero it needs. As such, characters like Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) and the Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) have had the necessary time to reflect on their criminal choices and to really nail down their comics-accurate looks. Meanwhile, Camren Bicondovia’s Selina Kyle has grown up and become Lili Simmons (Banshee), who is now prowling the streets as Catwoman. The only missing piece is Mazouz’s Bruce Wayne, who, as his trusty butler Alfred (Sean Pertwee) continues to mention throughout the trailer, is not exactly known for his punctuality. 

It all adds up to a final episode that hinges on the arrival of Gotham’s famed vigilante. Though there’s only a few fleeting shots of the Batsuit, there are several callbacks to some of Batman’s early days, especially from Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One story. How it will all pan out on TV is another matter altogether, but viewers don’t have to wait long to see the end of Batman’s beginning. 

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Gotham series finale airs Thursday, April 25 @8pm on FOX.

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