Gotham Season 5 Trailer Released; Shane West Confirmed As Bane

The first footage from Gotham season 5 is now online, and it teases a harrowing final chapter for young Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon. FOX's hopes to produce a television series that focused on a time in Gotham prior to Batman's reign was ambitious. It was confounding at first how the network planned on tackling iconic storylines and characters without the central superhero in the mix. Although a young Bruce played a significant factor in the series, it was ultimately about Gordon.

Right now, Gotham is one of the few shows that remembers it's a comic book series - and the writers and producers don't try to adhere too much to the source material because they've, instead, created their own world and version of the iconic DC Comics city. But still, there are plenty of story arcs that they have chosen to adapt over the years, with the next one being No Man's Land. In season 5, the city will be divided into multiple districts, of which most of them will be run by various factions of villains and then one by the Gotham Police themselves. And now, fans can get a look at that for themselves thanks to newly released footage.

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Shortly after Gotham's panel at New York Comic Con 2018 concluded, in which it was confirmed that former Nikita star Shane West will be playing Bane (not Bane's father, as previously presumed), FOX shared the first season 5 teaser trailer online, giving fans their first look into the No Man's Land story arc as well as the final season of the network's DC series. Take a look:

The above trailer is mostly a recap of past seasons with only a brief look at what lies ahead. It's obviously filled with spoilers for those who haven't caught up on Gotham's ever-changing storyline so far, but the latter half of the sizzle reel is filled with first looks at the various factions controlling the city. Plus, it's clear that the GCPD is no longer in charge (as if they ever were?).

It's unclear exactly when Gotham will return for its final seasons, but the writers and producers are planning something big for the finale. While many cast members have finished filming the season, the actual series finale script has yet to be written - or, at least handed in - which was revealed during the show's panel at NYCC 2018. Until more information releases towards the end of the year, Gotham fans can peruse through the video above and ponder over what West's Bane will bring to the table this season.

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Gotham season 5 premieres on FOX in early 2019.

Source: FOX

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