Gotham Season 5 Casts Shane West as Bane's Relative

Gotham has cast Shane West for the show’s fifth and final season in the recurring role of the villain Eduardo Dorrance, father of Bane. Season 5 will be the show’s shortest with only 10 episodes. The news came as a disappointment to fans. But at least they’ll see Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon face more terrifying threats before the show’s final curtain call.

Fox’s Batman prequel told the tale of Jim Gordon’s early days trying to clean the streets of Gotham while a young Bruce Wayne gradually transforms into the Dark Knight. While not initially a hit, the show found its footing and gained a loyal following. The show took a ratings dip early in season 4, leaving its fate in question. Gotham was given the green light for a fifth season, but only to wrap up any loose ends in a brief send off. Despite the limited run, it looks like Gotham’s showrunners have big plans for season 5 with even more comic references for viewers to enjoy. As reported earlier, one of those references was said to be Eduardo Dorrance, aka King Snake.

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Deadline has stated that Eduardo Dorrance will indeed appear and is going to be played by Shane West, known for his roles on Nikita and ER. West’s Dorrance once knew Gordon in the army and has returned to help him restore order after the events of season 4. But things will go south in Gotham as they always do and Gordon will come to see the sinister motive behind Dorrance’s supposed assistance.

Bane Inside the Batcave

Signs point to this character being King Snake, former member of the British army turned mercenary. But it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for him to be Bane himself since the show is more than willing to take things in an unexpected direction. With just one season left, Gotham will want to use as many familiar characters as possible. Few are better known than the man who broke Batman’s back and made all the more famous by Tom Hardy’s rendition in The Dark Knight Rises.

Fans will have to wait to see Dorrance’s plans for Gotham City. Season 5 won’t be returning to Fox until 2019, giving viewers plenty of time to contemplate how the show will end. What they can expect is more of the twisted campiness that drew them to the show in the first place, as well as the final push that turns Bruce Wayne into the Dark Knight. Gotham may be ending, but for those who have been missing out, there’s still time to catch up before the show’s conclusion next year.

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Source: Deadline

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