Gotham Season 5 Premiere Date Possibly Revealed

The date for the highly anticipated premiere for the fifth and final season of Fox's Gotham series may have just been revealed.

The premiere date for Gotham season 5 may have been revealed. Helmed by Bruno Heller, Gotham is a Batman prequel that explores the early career of future Commissioner Jim Gordon. The story runs parallel to the formative years of Bruce Wayne in the direct aftermath of his parents' murder but before he dons the infamous cape and cowl. The series has thus far run for four seasons, inching closer to their respective destinies. Despite generally positive reviews, the ratings have steadily declined since the show first premiered. As a result, Fox announced that the fifth season would be its last.

Although the series started off as a straight homage to such classic noir as Chinatown, it eventually delved deeper into its comic book roots. Over time more of the infamous and iconic villains of the Bat-verse (everyone from Poison Ivy to Mr. Freeze) began to emerge and rise up. There have even been two facsimiles of The Joker on the show, both played by Cameron Monaghan. Neither officially bore the name, however, leading to speculation that the real clown prince of crime has yet to be revealed - something a recent tweet seemed to confirm.

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Hype is understandably high as fans wait to see how this iteration of the story plays out. Unfortunately, according to the Gotham Hub fan-page on Twitter, the wait may be slightly longer than anticipated. Pointing to a TV listings website, the page states that the final season of Gotham will not air until March 15th, 2019.

Despite the fact it will only be ten episodes, fans can expect a whole horde of new villains to emerge. Magpie and The Mutant Gang have already been confirmed, amongst others. With Shane West cast as Eduardo Dorrance, speculation is rife that the Bat-Breaker himself, Bane, will also show up. The final season will reportedly be an adaptation of the popular Zero Year comic. As such, the news of an extended wait to see whether Bruce Wayne officially suits up will surely disappoint many.

Given that the premiere date doesn't come officially from Fox, the news could be taken with a pinch of salt. After all, recent word from the cast implied that the show would be returning sometime in January. That may very well still be the case. Then again, there are various reasons as to why the final season may have been pushed back. The producers, after all, seem eager to go out with a bang. By giving themselves a few more months of filming and post-production fine-tuning, they could be ensuring that they give Gotham the best send-off possible.

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Source: Gotham Hub/Twitter

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