The Mutant Gang Comes To Gotham In Season 5 Set Photo

The Mutant Gang from the Batman comic books are coming to Gotham, according to a photo that was taken from the set of the show's upcoming fifth season. The Mutant Gang is a vicious group that terrorizes the city of Gotham using advanced weaponry, brutal methods, and vast numbers. Their first appearance was in Frank Miller's famous The Dark Knight Returns mini-series, where they were able to rise to power after Batman retires from fighting crime.

Gotham season 5 will be its last, and this final season will be much shorter than the previous ones, coming in at only 10 episodes. It promises to be an epic finale to the series, and the end of season 4 set the stakes higher than they've ever been. After a massive attack orchestrated by R'as al Ghul and Jeremiah, Gotham is completely cut off from the outside world. The government has been forced to abandon the city, leaving behind a handful of citizens and police, as well as multiple factions of villains who are all vying for complete control. This kind of almost post-apocalyptic scenario draws from several comic storylines, such as No Man's Land and Zero Year, setting the stage perfectly for an introduction to the Mutant Gang.

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A DC fan page named DCOlympus shared a photo from Gotham's set on Instagram, revealing the first look at the Mutant gang's appearance. The most noticeable one out of the bunch is a large shirtless man who looks remarkably similar to the Mutant Leader from the comics. He is large, physically intimidating (the character nearly kills Batman in a one-on-one fight in The Dark Knight Returns), and is clearly wearing the leather pants, boots, and signature visor - all straight from Frank Miller's comics. The character even has the spiked head to go with it all. If this is indeed the Mutant Leader, it is an extremely accurate visual adaptation. Take a look:

There are two other members of the Mutant Gang trailing behind their leader, both of whom are covered in leather clothing, the gang's visor eyepiece, and spiked hair. The two are wielding what appear to be large machetes, while the leader is weapon-less, probably preferring to use his fists to fight instead. The three Mutants can be seen strolling through the streets of Gotham, and the city looks a little worse for wear. Piles of trash and random articles of clothing are strewn all over the set, giving the city the near-wasteland look that it's going for.

Even with a reduced number of episodes, the final season of Gotham is going to packed with things for fans to enjoy. The new status quo of the series, as well as the addition of multiple Batman villains, not just the Mutant Gang, seems to be the right move to line up the show for an epic finish. With this being the end, and the city of Gotham almost being brought to complete collapse, fans may finally get to see just how the young Bruce Wayne steps up to become the Dark Knight.

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Source: DCOlympus

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