Gotham Producer Teases New Joker in Final Season

Gotham - Jeremiah becomes The Joker

It turns out Gotham might be getting a new Joker for season 5. Twins of Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska certainly looked to be a Joker origin story, even without officially being named as such. But a recent post by writer/producer Tze Chun appears to indicate that a new Joker will appear in the show’s final season.

Fox’s Batman prequel has included the origin stories for the many villains who haunt the streets of Gotham. Season 4 treated fans to what looked like the beginning of the Joker. But unlike many of the other Batman baddies, Jeremiah was never dubbed with his signature moniker. Allegedly this is because DC won’t allow Gotham to use the name, claiming it will dilute the character’s brand. But it's beginning to look like the statement might have been a clever ruse. Gotham may still be waiting for their last season before introducing Batman’s most infamous antagonist.

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According to ComicBook, Chun took to Twitter to post an image of a season 5 script. The photo revealed the cover to the script of episode 5x04. The title of the episode is “Ace Chemicals.” The image has since been deleted.

The name Ace Chemicals will be familiar to DC fans. Of the Joker’s many origin stories, Ace Chemicals is the one most commonly used. As the story goes, the man who was to become the Joker falls into a vat of chemicals at the plant. Although he manages to survive the ordeal, he resurfaces with pale skin, his signature green hair, and is driven mad. If the Ace Chemicals title wasn’t enough for Batman fans to take the hint, Chun drove the point home by adding #Joker to the post.

Gotham has had its share of Joker inspired characters. While Jerome and Jeremiah weren’t allowed to share his name or appearance, the twins’ behavior was a clear reference. Gotham writers were sure to provide ample Joker references into their storylines. But the Joker is not officially part of Gotham’s canon. This may have been intentional, with the plan to introduce the Joker during the show’s final run. If there is still a “real” Joker yet to be revealed, that raises the question of whether a new actor will be cast or if Jerome/Jeremiah actor Cameron Monaghan will play this character as well. Chun appears to be laying it on thick that fans should expect the Joker to have his run-in at Ace Chemicals at some point during the show’s final season. Fans will have to wait until 2019 to see if they’ll officially meet Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime.

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Source: ComicBook

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