Harley Quinn Could (Finally) Be Coming to Gotham in Season 5


Gotham might finally introduce Harley Quinn in the show's upcoming fifth and final season.

Attending their last New York Comic Con, Gotham went all out during their presentation to the delight of their fans. Debuting a brand new trailer that provided people's first look at No Man's Land story arc despite the fact that much of the footage was from previous seasons, the panel also confirmed that Shane West will be playing Bane in the series' fifth season. Now, there's one more thing that viewers of the comic book series can look forward to: the supposed arrival of the series' Harley Quinn.

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During the show's panel (via Cinema Blend), showrunner John Stephens talked extensively at what fans can expect in the final season of the show, including a tease that Harley Quinn may finally get her small screen introduction via Gotham. "[Jeremiah] has a somewhat deranged girlfriend, who dresses in a multi-colored fashion. I wouldn’t describe it as a healthy relationship … she likes roller skates,” he said. Fans quickly assumed it'll be the said supervillain, considering the mystery role's supposed connection to Jeremiah - not to mention the aesthetic description that matches Harley's comic book costume.

What's curious is whether or not Gotham will be able to call the character Harley Quinn (should she really be her). Similar to what the show has done with her lover, Jeremiah who remains to be called that and not Joker, the soon-to-debut character may be given a different name despite fans awareness of who she really is supposed to be.

Another piece of information corroborating to this story comes from a social media post uploaded by writer/producer Tze Chun - an image of a season 5 script titled “Ace Chemicals," giving fans an indication that the fourth episode of the new season will focus on Jeremiah. One of the most popular origin stories used for the Joker is him falling into a tank of chemicals and miraculously survive the predicament. The scenario, however, was used to birth Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad instead, which could play out similarly in Gotham.

Regardless, viewers are excited for the upcoming reveal. With only 10 episodes in Gotham's final season, folks behind the show are pulling all the stops to ensure that they'll be able to craft a satisfying send-off to the series in service of the loyal viewers who have stuck with them throughout their run.

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No release date has confirmed as of yet for Gotham season 5, but it's expected to air sometime during the upcoming midseason.

Source: Cinema Blend

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