Gotham Season 5 Promo Celebrates Halloween With Mr. J

Cameron Monaghan in Gotham Season 4

The final season of FOX’s Batman prequel series, Gotham, is still a few months from its 2019 premiere date, but the network couldn’t resist getting into the Halloween spirit with a new Joker-centric promo. Season 4 took a few wild turns with regard to the show’s proto-Joker, Jerome (Cameron Monaghan), upending the speculation (mostly on behalf of the show itself) that he would become the full-fledged Clown Prince of Crime by, well, ending him and passing the almost-but-not-quite Joker mantle to his brother, Jeremiah. 

Evil red-headed twins with a penchant for murder and mayhem (one of whom may or may not be the greatest Batman villain of all time) is par for the course when it comes to just how bonkers Gotham has become over the past four seasons. And with the final season due in the new year, one certainly hopes the show’s creators have something left in the tank that can outdo the insanity of what’s come before. And if the recent look at Shane West’s (Darth) Bane is any indication, the series has absolutely zero misgivings about making its last stand one to remember (for better or for worse). 

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But lest you think the 'No Man’s Land' and 'Zero Year'-inspired storyline of Gotham season 5 will spend too much time on the man who broke the Bat, FOX would like to remind you that there’s a certain anarchistic someone with a penchant for wide-brimmed hats who’s just as eager to see the city tear itself apart. Check out the Gotham Halloween-themed video below:

The video itself is indicative of the show that Gotham became: The entire focus is, rightfully, on the nascent Caped Crusader’s foremost adversary. And given all that has befallen Jeremiah (death, resurrection, having his face cut off and then surgically reattached, etc.) the villain makes a great case for why the show centered on the baddies instead of Baby Bats, and why either version of Mr. J is like a walking avatar for Halloween. 

While the promo doesn’t offer anything new with regard to the final season, it does serve as a strong reminder of all that’s transpired on show since it launched in 2014. As Best Of videos go, this one’s a good one for Gotham fans. 

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Gotham season 5 premieres Thursday, January 3, 2019 on FOX.

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