Gotham's Final Season Starts Filming In July

Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon in Gotham

Gotham's fifth and final season will begin filming in July, it has been confirmed. The Batman prequel series recently wrapped up its fourth run in typically apocalyptic fashion by taking cues from the 'No Man's Land' comic story, as sort-of Joker, Jeremiah Valeska, succeeded in isolating Gotham City and cutting it off from the outside world. Naturally, the city's various criminals didn't take long to establish their own territories, with the likes of Barbara Kean, Penguin and Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze) all springing into action. Among the lawlessness, only a handful of GCPD officers led by Jim Gordon and fledgling vigilante Bruce Wayne remained behind to defend the fallen city.

Upon the conclusion of season 4, Gotham's future was very much hanging in the balance thanks to modest viewing figures and both fans and cast members seemed unsure about whether the show would return. Fortunately for Gotham viewers, Fox eventually confirmed a fifth season of the series was underway but went on to announce that it would be the show's final run. It has since been suggested by actress Camren Bicondova that Gotham season 5 will also be notably shorter than previous runs, potentially clocking in at only 10 episodes in length.

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Executive producer Danny Cannon has now announced that filming of Gotham season 5 will begin next month, with a July 23 date set. Revealing the news on his Instagram, Cannon accompanied the update with an appropriately heroic picture of a gun-toting Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon.

Shooting begins July 23rd

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The filming start date is more or less in line with previous seasons of Gotham, which have subsequently gone on to hit TV screens in September of the same year. As such, it could perhaps have been expected that Gotham season 5 would do the same - maybe arriving even earlier if the reports of a shorter season proved true. However, Fox have confirmed that Gotham's final season won't actually premiere until 2019 - an odd decision considering the filming date remains on the same schedule as previous runs.

Of course, with filming underway very soon, it surely won't be long until the season 5 rumor mill begins, bringing speculation as to which new characters or storylines Gotham's final season will introduce. With only a limited number of episodes left and the show's fate set in stone, Gotham's creatives now have free reign to go out with a bang in season 5 and take advantage of their last chance to bring their favorite Batman characters into live action. Fans will no doubt be hoping this leads to a frenetic, shocking and action-packed end to the Gotham story.

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Gotham season 5 is set to premiere in 2019 on Fox.

Source: Danny Cannon/Instagram

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