Gotham Season 5 Casting Breakdown Details DC Villain Magpie's Live-Action Debut

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Magpie is coming to Gotham for the character’s live-action debut. The Batman prequel’s final season won’t be coming until next year, but Fox is already doling out hints about what is to come in season 5. Fans of the show should be prepared for a whole new cast of villains to terrorize the streets of Gotham.

After a dip in viewership during season 4, Fox decided to end Gotham, but not before greenlighting one last season for the show to wrap up. Season 5 will be the show’s shortest with only 10 episodes. It looks like Gotham’s writers are taking full advantage of the time they have left to introduce as many Batman villains as they can. This past month has already seen the addition of Bane’s father, played by Nikita actress Shane West. One of the show’s writers/producers later dropped a big hint that the upcoming season will include a new Joker as well. Once again, the list of Batman baddies has increased by one.

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The Hashtag Show reveals that Magpie will also appear in Gotham. She's described as being "dressed in black with a quirky attitude" and "is insanely in love with shiny objects." Magpie’s obsession with hoarding anything pretty that’s not hers will result in her stealing from Oswald Cobblepot, aka the Penguin. Things will inevitably go south from there. Magpie is listed as a guest star in the breakdown, making it likely that she will only appear in one episode.

Magpie started out her life as Margaret Pye. She always had a love of shiny things, which resulted in her being given her nickname. As an adult, she became the curator for the Gotham Museum of Antiquities. It was during that time that her love became an obsession. Her desire to own the artifacts around her ended up with her mind breaking and she ultimately decided to take what she believed was rightfully hers. It was then she became Magpie, stealing anything that caught her fancy with no regard to who she killed in the process.

While Gotham has unveiled many casting breakdowns, little else is known about how the show’s finale will go down. Fox has a chance to change all that in October during New York Comic Con, where the cast and producers will make an appearance. Gotham’s panel would be a perfect opportunity to unveil the first trailer for season 5. For fans of the show, it is a sad reminder that Gotham is coming to an end, but it looks like the final season will be as crazy as the last, with a host of new villains to antagonize Jim Gordon and the future Dark Knight.

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Source: The Hashtag Show

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