First Look at Gotham’s Bane Costume (Possibly) Revealed in Cast Photo

A brand new Gotham cast photo may have revealed Bane's costume in the upcoming season of the series. Gearing up for their fifth and final season, folks behind the Fox series are pulling all the stops to ensure that the last 10 episodes of the show will be a satisfying way to cap off the prequel offering. Among the show's biggest fan treats is the imminent arrival of one of Batman's most memorable antagonist - Bane.

It was confirmed at this year's New York Comic Con, where the trailer for their forthcoming season was also debuted, that Bane will be played by Shane West in Gotham season 5. And now, fans may actually have their first look at the character's costume thanks to a brand new social media photo featuring the several cast members of the series.

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The cast photo posted by Cory Michael Smith on his official Instagram account was taken after the table read for the ninth episode of the new season of Gotham. While fans of the show are already thrilled to see the actors seemingly in high spirits, West, who is at the back of the shot, is drawing interest for his unusual attire. Unlike his castmates who are dressed casually, it looks like the actor is sporting an armor type top. It's difficult to see the entirety of his attire, but many are convinced that this is at least a piece of Bane's upcoming costume in the show. Check out the image below:

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Before it was confirmed that West will be playing Bane in Gotham's final season, rumor had it that he might be playing someone related to the character. Considering that the show is naming him Eduardo Dorrance - the real name of Bane's father, King Snake, the initial confusion is understandable. Based on the narrative, Dorrance is Jim Gordon's (Ben McKenzie) friend from the army who returns to the city after No Man's Land. But while he seems to be the perfect ally at first, it's eventually revealed that his motivations aren't necessarily pure.

Aside from Bane's upcoming debut, there are a lot of things that fans can look forward to in the final season of GothamHarley Quinn may also be introduced (or at least a version of the character), as well as a significantly changed Joker, not to mention the first live-action version of DC villain Magpie. And of course, arguably the most anticipated thing in the entirety of the series - the unveiling of Bruce Wayne's (David Mazouz) first formal Batsuit. While the Fox series had previously featured the character donning some sort of vigilante costume, this will be the first time that he'll be sporting the superhero's iconic cowl and cape. Admittedly, although Gotham will more likely save the full reveal of the costume in the episode itself, showrunner John Stephens compared the suit to Christian Bale's The Dark Knight Rises costume, piquing the interest of many.

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No release date has confirmed as of yet for Gotham season 5, but it's expected to air sometime during the upcoming midseason.

Source: Cory Michael Smith

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